Dragon’s Watch RPG – A Fresh Take on RPG App Combat

Forget repetitive clicking, limited characters, and no player versus player (PVP) support, The Secret Police’s new RPG mobile game, Dragon’s Watch RPG, cures all of those gaming insufficiencies.


When I first started playing Dragon’s Watch not too long ago I didn’t see what made this game so special. Right from the beginning, I thought everything was pretty standard: Pick a strong/rare character out of a few to be your “starter”, assemble a starting, weak team, and hop into a tutorial stage. What I didn’t see coming was the new intuitive way of clearing levels of enemies.

The stages of enemies you fight, or waves, consist than more of clicking randomly. Dragon’s Watch demands a more strategic approach to combat. Instead of entering a dungeon with 3 or 4 characters standing side by side, taking turns mauling enemies, a revolving team controller is utilized. By shifting the Revolver left and right, the six heroes you have gathered on your team move spots from active to inactive roles.

This might seem like any other easy way of switching out characters in a fight, but it’s much more tactical. Want to allow your hero to regain some much needed HP? Have another character who would match up better against the enemy? Want to activate your charged super? Need someone to tank the next attack? Just move your thumb up and down and your three active heroes can be switched up in any number of ways.

Many of the Mobile-RPG apps out there don’t leave you with much to look forward to when it comes to story. The Secret Police spared no effort in drafting a story that lends a platform to the game while expertly maintaining a theme of a hero’s journey. The tale of dragon’s ascending to heaven, leaving a new generation of overseers could come straight out of a Disney fantasy.

Along with this story comes the increasingly hard areas you aspire to clear. At the end of a long, well-fought level you encounter bosses that can only be described by one word: Epic. These titans are made with brilliant vision and look perfect. Even without the design in mind, bosses switch up the battlefield, making you rethink your plan entirely. For instance, the boss encountered during the first level began attacking multiple heroes at once. This made me throw out my rotating attack method and focus on a more attack heave stance, risking my team to destroy it before it, me.


Something that did take me by surprise was the graphics quality of the game, at least during the beginning of the epic story. The individuality expressed within each character through their design truly premeditated the vast range of protagonists to choose from. Sadly, the design of the starter team and early enemy left much to be desired. Except for your main character, chosen right at the commencement of the game, sprites were simplistic and methodical. Without many indications of future possibilities for your hero collection within the game, motivation might be an issue in continuing the adventure. Dragon’s Watch also opted for an older, two-dimensional core for their design. Although notable for the immaculate detail present, three-dimensional games are both coming up in the Mobile-RPG genre and more visually appealing. Take, for instance, the RPG Dungeon Boss.


One last aspect of which we took a serious interest in Dragon’s Watch RPG is the available PVP. Unlike nearly every other RPG on the app store (or Google Play store), Dragon’s Watch allows live one on one PVP in the Arena. This takes a turn from the normal, non-live combat we’ve come to expect. Instead of facing your opponents team in the form of uncalculating NPCs, you’re matched with another live player looking to test his strategy and skill. Something that I did note however is that I was matched against a player who was had enjoyed the game much longer and had the higher levels to prove it. Of course, that’s to be expected in the early launch of any game.
All-in-all, Dragon’s Watch RPG is an exciting new twist on the current Mobile-RPG genre. An in-depth story, freshly renovated combative controls, and live player versus player abilities all make this an appealing game to pick up for free on your phone.

Enomview Score: 7.5 out of 10

Check out the game: https://www.dragons.watch/

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  1. HONESTLY: Lets talk. If you are going to create a game, at least let it be downloadable for all devices. I cannot download it for the google play store and I have a feeling it is discrimination against the google play store. How are you going to create a game for all genders. This is obviously a game aiming for boys only. Why can’t we all be equal!!

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