The Hilarious Tale of a Savage Corporate Executive – Fork Parker’s Holiday Profit Hike

Before we get right into the game, I’d just like to let you know that this review is the first of our 12 Games of Christmas reviews, in which we attempt to post a Christmas based game review every day leading up to, well, Christmas. We’d love if you’d check back every day to see what our top picks for festive games are!

Three years ago, Devolver Digital’s badass CFO Fork Parker was brought to the gaming world in Fork Parker’s Holiday Profit Hike. The game depicts Fork Parker trying to ramp up revenue for Quarter 4 of his business. You would think that meant launching advertising campaigns to push sales, but that’s not how Fork Parker roles. Take a private helicopter to an icy mountain and traverse its barren insides in search for treasures. Duck, dodge, and climb your way upwards using Fork’s special throwing pitons. These metal spikes attach to everything but snow, allowing you to create ropes from wall to wall. Ride your cane up and down the ropes, dodging ugly Christmas sweaters and collecting your riches.


After playing the game for awhile, I picked up a few awesome pointers. Instead of jumping to toss pitons in high-to-reach places, press your “UP” key and launch away. Going for speed run times? Try jumping repeatedly while traversing ropes to speed yourself up. Don’t rely on long, convoluted amounts of rope to save you, Fork can only manage about 3 ropes at a time before sequentially deleting the earliest made ropes.


The game itself was great fun. The festive tunes brought me a sense of holiday cheer that stopped me from throwing my keyboard on every death. The game can get repetitive, but the increasingly difficult challenges require a solid amount of strategy. Or, you could play it like me and keep rope-riding until something worked.

The animations of the game were smooth, yet defined. Fork’s pixelated adaptation expressed emotions such as fear and seriousness throughout the game. When Fork was on the edge of a cliff, his eyes would open wide in panic, almost asking “Please, don’t let me fall.” The layout of dollars and moving ugly Christmas sweaters (that instantly sent you back to your last checkpoint) created micro-puzzles within the game. There were a few head-scratching challenges in the game that required trial and error, but otherwise, the gameplay was smooth, slowly growing harder.


Arcade style games are definitely awesome to play, especially festive based ones. If you’re looking for some more 8-bit style games with awesome toons, make sure to check out our Dungeon Rustlers review here!

Overall, I have to say that Fork Parker’s Holiday Profit Hike provided me with a great time. The hilarious basis of the storyline and intriguing methods to conquer the mountain were great fun.

EnomView Score: 8 out of 10

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