Free H1Z1 For a Week – King of the Kill Comeback?

H1Z1, the game that practically launched the battle royale genre, is remaking an appearance on the steam store. With its original price at $19.99, you can find the game at a bargain at $4.99 up until January 4th, or for free during the remaining week.


PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) is currently the most familiar game in the battle royale genre, but H1Z1 is where it all started and has its fair share of differences. Compared to the current large battle arena norms, H1Z1 may either seem refreshing or backwards. For one, its fast-paced as everyone rushes to A: find weapons and materials to survive (a standard plan for battle royale games) and B: locate a car to use for the entirety of the game.

Vehicles are unimaginably important. Unlike PUBG, you don’t take damage while exiting a moving vehicle, regardless of speed. That means ambushes aren’t as stealth-based and groups are able to instantly get to where they want for team fights. They’re also very important for traversing the map quickly as toxic gas approaches slightly faster from the corners of the map and guns are harder to find. Think of H1Z1 as an arcade version of PUBG, faster and with more sporadic gameplay.

Before PUBG and Fornite took over the market, I was a hardcore H1Z1 player. I was a very early purchaser, back when you could get both King of the Kill and Just Survive under the same game. Now, Just Survive dropped the “H1Z1” and is in early access by Daybreak on steam. My favorite part of the game has always been the battle royale, and I’m sure everyone could enjoy the gameplay.


H1Z1 could be considered the roots of the battle royale genre. Although the graphics aren’t as appealing as some other games out there (ie. Fortnite, PUBG, etc…), it might suit your playstyle better. Since it is free for the remainder of this week (6 more days) on steam, you might as well try it out for a few matches. Who knows, you might be the new rank #1 player!

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