Gang Beasts Out Now on the PlayStation Store

Boneloaf’s award-winning multiplayer beat ‘em up, Gang Beasts, thrashes its way onto the PlayStation Store today. The widely acclaimed game known for hilarious combat and ground-rolling laughter finally makes its way to the console world after over three years in early access.


Fight your friends, hurling gelatinous punches with the goal of knocking them off the map (or grinding them to a pulp). The ragdoll-like physics allow you to pick up, hurl, and knock out your enemies. Wacky maps aid your brawlers in sending your enemies to their doom.


Incapacitate enemies and hurl them into meat grinders or chuck them off the edge. Throw them in front of a train, knock them off suspended scaffolding, or let them fly off the top of a truck. Gang Beasts offers endless fun ways to beat your friends to blobby pulps! Quench your murderous side through this awesome minimalistic game!

Pick up your copy of the game on PS4:

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