NakedMan vs The Clothes – A Humorous Battle Between Mankind and Their Wardrobe

Remember those embarrassing dreams where you walk into school naked, being laughed at by all of your peers. Well, NakedMan vs The Clothes brings that embarrassment out of the mind and into your PC. The only difference is… well… your clothes have kinda developed a mind of their own and have taken over the world. The world has been left in shambles as articles of clothing rule from the green plains to the white artics, attacking every nude human that comes within sight. Luckily NakedMan is here to reclaim the world back to the true leaders, the righteous humans.


Purchasable for $1.99, NakedMan vs The Clothes offers six worlds to navigate and end the plague that is our clothing. Each of the pixelated worlds is of different terrains, making me feel as if I am the “knight in see-through armor”, travelling the entire world for the justice of the fellow man. In each world, you must complete three levels in order to advance to the next. The first two are levels filled with difficult jumps, an abundance of woven enemies, and a golden door you must reach to conclude the course. The final level pushes your skills to the limit… it’s time for a boss battle! Each boss battle with NakedMan vs The Clothes caused more deaths than I’m comfortable to admit. I was forced to create different strategies since each boss was challenging in their own way. The bosses range from a lava throwing pyro to a race with an ice skater.

AWzy99.pngOne thing I did find rather disappointing was the characters used as bosses. While they may have been unique, I felt as if they didn’t fit in the world of NakedMan vs Clothes very well. You would expect that after fighting through pants and rugs, you would be forced to fight the “King of Suits” or the “Jester of Skirts”, but no. Instead, we face scuba divers and flame-throwing mages.

The controls are fairly simple and easy to master. You can either attack or jump. While NakedMan vs The Clothes offers both keyboard and controller support, I found the quick movements needed to duck and dodge easier to perform on the classic controller. These evil pieces of fabric can be eradicated with… well, what is that?


I couldn’t figure out the weapon for the life of me, so I reached out to the developer. The weapon is a “water atomizer (the “crystal cleaner spray” kind) loaded with bleach!”

While ripping apart clothes have been fun, I got frustrated at the bugs in this game. NakedMan vs The Clothes offers a mechanic where if you press the “down” control on a specific surface, you will fall through the floor. I found frequently that I would randomly fall, causing me to die and restart the course. While it wasn’t too frustrating for the majority of the game, there were certain boss battles that prioritized the flooring to be traversed through. You can imagine the headaches in randomly falling through a floor when the boss was two shots away from death. While I do believe this is a negative trait, I enjoy that this adds but another piece of difficulty to this already challenging masterpiece.


Do not let the humor of NakedMan vs The Clothes distract you from its difficulty. Although the game may be short, it spares no sympathy in easing you into the game. Straight from level one, you are put into difficult scenarios, oddly placed enemies, and only three hearts to your health bar. You heard me get hit three times and you must repeat the course. While the game saves once you complete a world, you will not receive that benefit if you leave before annihilating the boss. If you choose to exit before the boss is dead, you will be forced to start the world from course one.


It seems like games nowadays spoon feed its players with an abundance of save points, and easy to defeat enemies. While games like Dark Souls still provide players with a challenge, most games offer quantity over quality. More world with less difficulty. NakedMan vs The Clothes takes no chances. Its six worlds offer more difficulty and strategy needed than any game I have played in a while. I enjoy a game with a challenge, but if that is not your cup of tea, then I would skip out on purchasing this game. NakedMan vs The Clothes can be purchased today in the steam marketplace.

EnomView Score: 8.2 out of 10

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