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There are two apps that I love more than anything. Minimalist games and games with snow. I enjoy the simple textures that create an emphasis on the actual games, as well as the overall smooth design. I just love snow in games, because I love snow in general. Snow, winter, the cold, and Christmas are what I look forward to year round. On the topic of the winter holidays, I would just like to thank everyone for checking out the second of our 12 Games of Christmas review. In this festive mini-series, we explore the best games to play during Christmas time. You can check out our first holiday review here.


Chilly Snow is a creative app that features you, a little blob, making its way down a mountain densely packed with trees. Tap the screen to switch your direction or swipe to make sharper turns. Chilly Snow offers points in two ways: points are given based on time (I believe one point per second survived), as well as coming in close proximity to trees without hitting them in your dissent.

The most satisfying thing for me was clearing a patch of three of four trees by the skin of my teeth and changing to yellow or a satisfying hot red. The colors don’t accord you any additional points, but it makes hitting tree-combos so much more satisfying. For every tree that you do come in close proximity to, and not hit, you gain an extra two points. That means clearing your first pine will give you two points, but the next will give you four and so on.

If you’re looking for a game to pick up for when you’re on the go, Chilly Snow is the way to go. It’s minimalistic looks and smooth gameplay offer the best an indie app can.

EnomView Score: 8.5 out of 10

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  1. Great review. This reminds me of the Skiing game from early Windows, I believe 3.1 or 95. Always terrified me when I’d get so far and the abominable snowman would chase me down.

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