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Imagine being a small asteroid. Your small, but dense and strong. You know the path ahead of you and you know it won’t be easy. You orbit something small, slowly growing in strength and size until you break off. You continue to go from place to place, slowly growing, assembling mass. You knew it wouldn’t be easy, but before you know it, you’re orbiting a Lonely Sun… Or rather, one that’s not so lonely anymore.


Before I continue with the review, I just want to thank you for checking in on our third game in the “12 Games of Christmas” series. We explored two awesome indie games before this, they can be found here. All of the games we have done so far have been free to play, so there’s no reason not to pick them up and try them out in time for the Holiday!

Lonely Sun is an addicting app-game in which you manipulate and control gravity. The goal of the game is simple, turn your small rocks into planets. You grow your small asteroid larger and larger by collecting other pieces of rock. Swipe across the screen to move your rock in any direction. Collect all pieces of a single planet spread out between three stages to complete it. There are obstacles that obstruct your way, however. These obstacles differ in both color and sometimes form. They range from moving mountains to sharp spikes. Avoid these obstacles at all cost because there aren’t checkpoints within stages.

Although a much more appropriate approach was slowly traversing between the obstacles and shifting terrain, I found myself attempting to speed run through every nook and cranny. Stages are unforgiving, yet the fun of testing your reaction time and memory was more than worth it. Continuously swiping without more than a second to think was invigorating.


Lonely Sun features cool and simplistic designs. Terrains were very minimalistic, consisting of a limited palette. Levels felt wholesome because of this unification. As a fan of minimalistic games myself, this had perfect art design. Attention to detail was not amiss as even fine articulate efforts could be seen in the background of each stage. Each stage differs in a theme. Neryssa, the first level, is based off water. The next, Nuriona, is based off fire and so on. Levels were profusely thought out, offering a balance of difficulty and attainability. It punishes rash and quick behavior (which is why I died countless times) and promotes smooth movements.


Lonely Sun was initially imagined as a metaphor for life, a simplified version of life’s complicated nature, tribulations and hurdles. Overcoming dangers, navigating through strange worlds, remembering what you’ve gone through, learning as you go… all these are meant to make you resilient. The inevitable nature of failure gives you two choices: pick yourself up and try again or let the memory of your existence fade away. Accomplishing goals takes time. The cosmic powers of planetary genesis that create the vastness and mystery of space follow the same rules: patience. Patience is the key to creating something beautiful, something worth living for.

One thing we keep hearing from players: “No checkpoints?”

Our response: “Does life have checkpoints?”

Overall, Lonely Sun was well worth playing through to review. The satisfaction of completing not only a stage but a planet was refreshing. The cool design with astounding details made great art and a great game. One of the main reasons that I took interest in Lonely Sun was the breathtaking quality of the design. We have Nik Mihaylov, the Art Director of Rinikulous Games, to thank for the outstanding artwork. We highly recommend picking up this free game, as well as checking out our other free game reviews here on the site.

EnomView Score: 9 out of 10

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