Speedrun: McDonald’s Treasure Land Adventure

McDonald’s Treasure Land Adventure is a platformer for the Sega Genesis made by Treasure. It was released in 1993 and contains 4 stages. These stages are known as the Magical Forest, the Magical Town, the Magical Sea and the Magical Moon.


In this game, your health is represented by gems. These gems are used to pay to get past certain parts or to be able to damage bosses. But the gems are not the only things that are related to health. Throughout the levels, you can find flowers. The Gold flowers represent half HP and the white flowers 1/3rd HP. If you get 2 gold flowers, your gems recover, unless you are at full health. Same with 3 white flowers. And to make sure you don’t lose your life if you accidentally jump into a death pit, you can get balloons as well. To increase your magic attack, you can collect magic upgrades. Level 3 is the max level you can have. If you lose a life, you lose all you have collected and end up with the initial values for everything, except balloons if you have more than 1.


As for the plot of this game, it is not even related to food. There is also a rumor that it was intended to be a completely different game, and McDonald’s elements were shoehorned in at the last-minute. Considering the number of bugs, this is debatable. The plot basically goes like this: One Day, Ronald McDonald was walking in the magical forest, where he found a piece of a treasure map. He then goes on the hunt to find all pieces of the map, which will lead to the treasure.

This game can be considered a speedrunners worst hell. A large percentage of the game are autoscrollers or things you can’t control. A lot of getting a good time comes down to just nailing a precise input moment on the stuff you can control. A runner of this game known as WhoaConstrictor calls this game a “Negative Space” run for this reason.

This game has a considering lack of bugs to abuse. There is only one glitch that can be used in this game. It is known under the runners as Balloon boost. Basically, when Ronald falls into a death pit, he uses a balloon powerup. This powerup lets you float freely in the air for 255 frames. While Ronald is in balloon state, the game stops checking what platform he is on, since it assumes he is floating around. If you touch down on a moving platform during the state, the game engine assumes he is in the air, and on the platform as well. This increases his speed. This trick was found in November 2017, so it is a relatively new trick.

Balloons are abused a lot in the moon level. There is a section where there are long gaps of bottomless pits, and balloons decrease the time you need for that section. There is no need to worry about your balloon count since during the game you should pick up enough naturally.

Health management in this game is not as easy as in other platformers of that time. You need to keep in mind that you have to make payments or have enough for boss fights. The flowers are what makes the health management harder. If you are not at full gems, and you collect enough flowers, you get a gem. At times, you do want to avoid that, as you know there is a gem a bit further ahead you can grab. Beginner mode is mostly run because health management is easier than in Normal and expert. This also makes Beginner mode a lot shorter.


While you can collect gold in the game, in a speedrun you won’t be using it. There is only one time where you enter a shop, and that is in the train stage. When you enter and then immediately leave the shop, the default screen position is ahead of where it would normally be if you waited. This saves one second of the run. The community of the game says that WhoaConstrictor hated that stage so much, that he found the 1-second skip.

The current World Record holder at the time of writing is Boon, who got a time of 20 minutes and 10 seconds. He achieved this time at 10 November 2017.

And this was the game that was chosen by the Speedrun Weekly community to be raced for the 7th race of the first season. With some runners joining the SRW discord and share all information required, the races were able to learn the game and set good times in the first race.


After a week of practice, three runners entered the first race. After a lot of mistakes, problems on the restream with the racers starting early and other issues, the one who claimed the first spot with a good time of 20 minutes and 34 seconds was WhoaConstrictor. Second place was Knight with a time of 24 minutes and 56 seconds. Third and last was Legs with a time of 26 minutes and 32 seconds. WhoaConstrictor felt he cheated considering he already knew the game, but that is how SRW works. Knight messed the first stage up

The second race had 5 participants. The WR holder Boon entered the race as well and ended up first with an official SRL time of 20 minutes and 27 seconds. YumeTsubasaCH managed to get a new PB during the race and finished seconds with a time of 25 minutes and 36 seconds. Legs had entered this race as well and again finished third place. His time was worse this time around with 27 minutes and 59 seconds. The only one who went in blind in this Speedrun Weekly race was DarQ_Massacres. It took him 1 hour, 2 minutes and 8 seconds to complete the game. WhoaConstrictor entered this race as well but ended up with a forfeit.

When we take these two races together, only the best time counts for the winner standings of this week. With that, the clear winner of this weeks SRW is Boon, followed by WhoaConstrictor on the second place and Knight in the third place.

1. 0:20:27 Boon
2. 0:20:34 WhoaConstrictor
3. 0:24:55 Knight
4. 0:25:36 YumeTsunasaCH
5. 0:26:32 Legs
6: 1:02:08 DarQ_Massacres

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