Team8 Studios Releases: Genetic Disaster On Steam

Team8 Studios has released Genetic Disaster on Steam for $19.99. Shown as a co-op action game, Genetic Disaster offers co-op, supporting up to four people, an abundance of weapons, hand-painted scenery and generated levels so the fun never ends. The levels change based on the number of people playing, ensuring variety and originality. The vibrant, multicolored game is played from an overhead perspective of four characters: Bunker, Sneaky, Devil, and Panic. The players traverse the ever-changing mansion and destroy the swarm of enemies awaiting them. You can even upgrade your character to fit your own playstyle or fill for your team composition.


Genetic Disaster is filled with flashy graphics that are guaranteed to draw you in. The modern retro-esc environment gives the feeling of an arcade game, bringing you back to the times of simple yet hilariously fun games. The background and characters are all hand painted emphasizing the detail the team put into the game.

Another aspect of Genetic Disaster that sounds exciting is the friendly fire. If you’ve seen the trailer you can tell that the situation will get hectic very quickly, prompting you to shoot at whatever you see. However be careful as your enemies might not be the only one receiving the bad end of the stick. Based on these circumstances, the playstyle of the game would focus on more strategy than just shoot and run.

GeneticDisaster-Screen-7.pngTeam8 Studios is a video game studio that specializes in co-op games. They’ve always imagined creating a game where the co-op actually matters, when the goal is only achieved using both of the player’s strengths. This ensures Genetic Disaster has a genuine co-op feeling with everyone being able to contribute to the victory at the end. Download Genetic Disaster to play with your friends and you’ll have a game you can rely on for a long time.

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