McRogue Launches on Steam in Under Six Hours

McRogue launches on Steam in under six hours. This hack-and-slash, or rather hack-and-smash, game features McRogue, a brawn, flame-haired man with robotic fists. Face increasingly hard enemies as you collect power-ups and amass your strength.

The indie game, created by Snare Games’ Rory Driscoll, looks action packed with very developed overhead art and stunning effects. It’s easy to expect great things from the game, especially when you take a look at Driscoll’s track record.


The veteran of the gaming industry took part in creating some massive titles such as God of War: Ascension and Transformers: Fall of Cybertron during his time at Sony Santa Monica.

Driscoll also blogs constantly about in-depth coding info on how the game was made over on his developer company site: If you’re looking for some amazing behind the scene information on McRogue, that would be the place to find it.


Although while in Steam Early Access McRogue offers a measly two levels, we cannot wait for this game to bloom even further and become a prominent indie title.

You can get the game here when it unlocks in just a few hours:

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