Zelda Randomizer Tournament Finals – A Link to the Past

After months of matches, hammering enemies, searching for mirrors, and swagducks, the final matches for the Fall Open-Mode Tournament were played. Out of the 100 participants of the main tournament, Cransoon and ajneb174 clashed in the finals. And then there was the finals of the secondary Tournament. The secondary Tournament was available to anyone who didn’t make it into the main tournament. In here Zean and Xirtanul met in the finals. The grand price: Their names in the game.

The first match of the finals was played on Wednesday, the 27th of December. Before the match we were shown the best of the tournaments, which was a great way to relive the experience. With the first item found in the first match being the boomerang, the finalists set off. Very early it was known by a check of ajneb174 that the first game was an Agahnim required seed. The hammer and first sword were found fast, but the other sword upgrades were hiding in Ganon’s Tower. Cransoon lost time 30 minutes in the match due to two deaths to Mothula. In the first match, anjeb174 was already fighting Ganon before Cransoon entered Ganon’s Tower. He finished at a time of 1 hour, 17 minutes and 15 seconds. Cransoon finished 12 minutes later.

Finals 2.PNG

The second match was played on Saturday 30 December. The early gloves in Link’s house made ajneb174 grab a bomb and enter in the sewers. There he found the sword and more bombs. This match really showed why these two belong in the finals. In this match, no dark rooms is required without a lamp. Both of them went through the dark rooms and finish the game without ever finding the lamp. Cransoon entered Go-Mode first with finding the Firerod in Turtle Rock 43 minutes in the race. Sadly he died on Vitreous after doing the Misery Mire Dark rooms. He bailed out directly, bought potions and tried to enter the Palace of Darkness. Then he discovered he had no rupees left. Ajneb174 entered Go-Mode 59 minutes in also with the Firerod. In 10 minutes anjeb174 closed the gap between him and Cransoon. While it looked like Cransoon would enter Ganon first, he had 2 hearts and decided to grab a fairy first. This allowed ajneb174 to enter Ganon first with 4 hearts and just blue mail. Finals ChampionOne hit would have killed anjeb174, but he managed to evade everything Ganon threw at him. While some would say Cransoon threw as soon as he grabbed the fairy, he took a hit during the Ganon fight. The race was close to the end. Anjeb174 managed to finished first, and Cransoon finished 15 seconds later. This means that ajneb174 is the champion of the Main Tournament.

The finals of the Secondary Tournament was between Zaen and Xirtanul. This was played on Friday 29 December. In the first match, the gloves were found early. However, the hammer was hiding at the bat. They found this after 1 hour in. The final item they needed in match one was Bombos, so they could enter Misery Mire. Xirtanul was the first one to find this medallion at Kholdstare. Zaen was doing Ice Palace at that time, and it didn’t take him long to find this as well. While Zaen was climbing the Gauntlet, Xirtanul was fighting Ganon already. He finished Ganon before Zaen entered Agahnim2, taking the victory in race 1.

Finals 3

The second race was played soon after the first race. This time the hammer was not as elusive as last time and found in Eastern Palace. While they found most items, this time the Hookshot was hiding. After Zaen took out Lanmolas in Desert Palace, he found this item. With only the Firerod left, he found Silver Arrows in Swamp Palace. He entered Go-Mode after going into Hookshot Cave and finding the Firerod. Both did Turtle Rock before Skull Woods in this race. Moldorm was trying his hardest to throw Zaen down, but he managed to stay on the platform. Entering Ganon first, he managed to take him down with his silver arrows and take the second match, forcing the third decisive match.

The third match was played after a 10 minutes break. This time there were early mirrors, moon pearls and flippers. The seed this time was fast, and Zaen was quickly taking a big advantage this race. He kept expanding his advantage during the entire game. While he forgot that he had the boots, he started using them when entering Moldorn in Hera’s Tower. When he went to check the Spiral Cave and finding the bow, he had the game. Xirtanul decided not to check the Spiral Cave when he had the opportunity and missed this item. It was thanks to this decision, that he won the game. Xirtanul was 5 minutes behind when he entered Ganon’s Tower. Zaen was already fighting Ganon. This made Zaen the champion of the Secondary Tournament.

Finals 5.PNG

If you didn’t watch the matches yet, it is worth to watch back. Congratulations to both anjeb174 and Zaen for winning their tournaments. If you want to see more ALTTP randomizers or these racers, you can see them again in the next Tournament. The top 8 of the Main Tournament and the top 4 of the Secondary Tournament will be in the main tournament. The Key-sanity tournament will be starting at the end of January where our latest Author will be participating in.

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