Chillingly Dark – I Fell From Grace Review


So much of this game is spent running around. You hop out of windows, you jump at all sounds. Your job is turning to crap and you’re not scraping by. Your life is going down, your wife’s gonna die. You get into a mess to look for some keys, all you can think “SOMETHING HAPPEN PLEASE!” Strange things are afoot and people are talking, no time for that though, you need to get walking. Up and down and up you go, gathering stuff and buying some blow. Stranger dreams keep coming about, then something starts telling you that time’s running out. People are dying and no music is playing, it’s almost like the whole game’s delaying! I’m sorry for rhyming, but the problem is that the game does it too until you shout “Gee Whizz!”

Alright, done with the rhyming, but seriously, the game rhymes throughout its entire playthrough. The game is merciless in the rhyming and while it can be charming at first, it causes a lot of the dialogue to become stilted and bland. “I Fell From Grace” is a puzzle solving game where you play as Henry, a guy who is just simply down on his luck and seems to be taking quite badly, but who can blame him? Not only is his job on the line but his wife is dying and her medical bills are becoming a serious issue. So right off the bat, the guy is relatable.

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The game does set a good tone throughout it, that is, a very bleak and gloomy one. However, that doesn’t really save it from being a little too needlessly complicated in its set up. The big problem is that while the story is going on, you run into some of the most ridiculous roadblocks and detours from seemingly random directions. You’ll be on/ the job and you’ll need to do something, but hark! What’s this? An item for someone to get them to do something? Well, let’s just go downtown and get that item for them because we don’t have money to actually pay them. This game mechanic can work in a lot of cases, but not when it’s the core gameplay and you’ve already killed thirty minutes trying to decipher what’s on each floor of the building you work at.




The story, however, is actually quite interesting. You start having strange dreams and start getting cryptic items from different people and the mail. However, after this happens, the story becomes extremely dark and very strange, which is a good thing. You start making some hard choices and doing some very questionable things to reach your goal. While it is nice that this guy is willing to do nearly everything for his wife, it starts to get a bit ludicrous after a while.

So to recap, we have a very dark and interesting story, a very devoted husband who we can identify with on some level, and a job we all can know and hate. These are all very good story elements, however, does it translate well into a game? The answer is a big huge shrug. There is a crowd for this type of game for sure. However, if you are not a huge fan of puzzle games nor are you a big fan of the story elements in a game, this is definitely not a game for you. There is a lot of backtracking and it kind of forces you to know where things are or else you will be wandering around for quite a while before it allows you to advance.

That is not exactly a strike against the game, though, as there are people who enjoy that type of game. There is an element of mystery that it builds throughout and starts to pull you in. You get items that change your luck such as medicine with amazing effects. People start coming up and talking to you, telling you that things are going to start happening. While you think that these are good things, the deeper you go, the more dreadful things are actually becoming.


If you are in this for the heart-pounding narrative, you should probably just turn back now. The game has some things going for it, but a pulse is not one of them. The worst part of this game is how much it drags, especially at the very beginning before you start getting to the meat of the storyline. Some of the plot elements take entirely too long to develop and there is a risk of losing interest if you are not enveloped into it early on. First impressions do not do this game any favours. While the game does get to that amazing point eventually, the level of excitement is lacking. Some may consider it outright boring.

With a lack of music, for the most part, it is quite impressive that this game has the tone that it does. If you can get beyond some of its shortcomings, you can get some good gameplay out of this game. It’s only around 2 – 3 hours of gameplay and the price may make you cringe at the prospect, but it’s worth a shot if you find the premise interesting. Overall, I would recommend it for fans of the darker puzzle games or adventures willing to delve into the depths of this grim, virtual world.

EnomView Score: 8 out of 10

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