Indie Game Award Finalists Include “Cuphead” and “Night in the Woods.”

The Independent Games Festival revealed their finalists for the 2018 indie gaming awards. The award can go to Infinite Falls’ “Night in the woods” or StudioMDHR’s “Cuphead.” With both games being highly praised, it is a tough choice.


“Night in the woods” is up for Seumas McNally award as well as many awards for its art and visual aesthetics.


“Cuphead” is up there for audiovisual awards and an honorable mention for the grand prize.

Other games such as Bennett Foddy’s “Getting over it”, were good choices, but none can compare to “Cuphead” and its one million copies sold. Also, backed by Microsoft, “Cuphead” is a juggernaut of an indie game. The award will be given out on March 21st, 2018. Tune in to often or our Enomview Youtube channel for more news like this!

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