Rise of Insanity leaves Early Access in March

Starting Thursday, March 1st, enter the dark world within Rise of Insanity

In Rise of Insanity, as a doctor of psychology, you will explore the darkest recesses of the human mind. Overcome your fear to find the truth behind the tragedy that has befallen your family in this disturbing game experience inspired by the greatest psychological horror movies.


Set in America in the 1970’s, the story centers around Dr. Stephen Dowell, a renowned phycologist faced with a difficult patient who shows distinct yet contradictory symptoms of different mental disorders. The life of the doctor himself is also shrouded in mystery – you must step into his shoes to find out the truth.


What terrible fate has befallen your wife and child? Is your new patient, on whom you are testing your experimental treatment methods, somewhat responsible for what happened? Who is to blame? Don’t lose your nerve and overcome your fear.

Rise of Insanity Trailer:

I don’t know about you, but I’ve always preferred a depth to my horror games. It’s not enough to throw up a demonic crown with an iconic jumpscare sound effect. I want true horror. Horror that hits past your eyes, sending signals of fear right to your brain. From all that we can see so far of Rise of Insanity, it looks like the title is promising just that.

Enjoy the game on your computer or through virtual reality soon. Check out the game on Steam, here: Rise of Insanity on Steam.

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