Insect Invaders – Q-YO Blaster Review

Alien insects have invaded Earth, and it falls on you to defend your home from these miscreants. Enter the miniature world to stop the threat and wipe them out! With eight levels and two difficulty modes, Q-YO blaster is a surprisingly fun 2D shoot em’ up for the price, rocking an adorable pixel art style and slick animations.

The story plays out like a whacky fever dream, and that’s a good thing. There’s nothing more of a buzzkill than a game taking itself too seriously, but thankfully, the game proudly owns the absurd premise of fighting off insect invaders. When I played Q-YO blaster, I truly felt like the last hope of earthkind, up against insurmountable odds.

Qyo blaster3

Q-YO blaster is reminiscent of arcade games, each death using a single ‘credit’. You get nine credits on easy mode, and slightly less on hard mode. There are three gameplay styles to choose from: Attack, Defence, or a mix of both. Finishing your first run will unlock several more special attacks, and the variety keeps things fresh.

Each style has its own roster of characters to pick from, with their own distinct bullets and special power-ups to experiment with. This adds to the game’s replayability and fun factor, because what’s not to like when you can play as a jet-pack wearing hamster, a robot doll, or even a severed dog head?

The story is, unfortunately, lost in translation due to the exhausting-to-read font and ineligible english, but the buoyant designs of enemies and bosses more than make up for it. Even the backgrounds are a sight to behold, and overall, the pleasant colour scheme is easy on the eyes and fits the retro-arcade look.

Qyo blaster2.png

The gameplay is simple but addicting. You shoot bullets to take out nasty insects, while dodging all sorts of multi-coloured projectiles. Characters are given several upgrades to choose from after completing each level, allowing players to tailor a character to their liking. Upgrades include permanent power-ups to, like upping your bullet speed, or adding an extra life prevent from dying too quickly.

Q-YO Blaster is challenging but it never feels unfair. Throughout my time with the game, I never died due to poor hitboxes, glitches, or external elements I couldn’t control. Whenever I died, it was usually due to a moment of carelessness, but I keep coming back because the game is ridiculously fun.

I don’t usually play shoot em’ up games and Q-YO blaster is more of an exception than the norm for me, but I enjoyed the game a lot. I highly recommend checking it out if you’re interested in beautiful, pixel art, and something challenging.

EnomView Score: 7 out of 10

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