Rise of Liberty – Overview and Developer Interview

Rise of Liberty (RoL), planing for a Steam release by the 25th of January, is a first-person shooter game set during the American civil war, in which you play as either a soldier for the patriotic Americans or the classy Brits, and fight each other using weaponry such as muskets, flint-lock pistols, and swords! While the game is still in beta, it is a blast to play and, while I will admit it has its flaws, is a fun experience overall.

The gameplay is extremely refined. While at first, the combat will seem somewhat unfair, with you missing many of your shots, you soon understand the systems in place and how to use them to your advantage. For example, many will think that the bullet’s dropping is unfair, screaming many swears while you’re at it. However, as you start to get used to it you understand how to use it to your advantage. For example, if you were to aim correctly you could, in theory, take out someone from behind a barricade. Now, of course, this would be extremely hard to pull off, but if you can master it you can do it!

Now, as you may have realized if you read the title, we have an interview with the dev, Disabled Doggo! So, without further ado, here we go!

Me: Hey there! What got you into game development and what part of it do you enjoy the most?


Doggo: Hmm what got me into game development, was playing other indie games like unturned, and I wanted to try and make a game myself! and my favorite part of game development is probably the beginning stages of making a game,  the “prototyping stage”.


Me: What inspired you to create Rise of Liberty?


Doggo: I started working on RoL right after hurricane Irma because I didn’t have any school for a while haha. what really inspired the game, was probably unturned’s art style, a bit from Ravenfield, and some from The Patriot.


Me: What do you think triggered the success of ROL and do you think you will ever develop a game that becomes as popular?


Doggo: Hmm, I think what caused RoL to get popular, was its uniqueness, I don’t know of any other games where you can have massive line battles and fight in large revolutionary war battles. And, I’m pretty confident that my next game will get popular, considering all that I have learned from making this game.


Me: Are you working on anything big for ROL, and if yes, what?


Doggo: Well, the cavalry is almost finished! and I’m planning to start working on a top-down tactical-map where you can control your army from above.


Me: Sounds awesome! Have you got any tips for aspiring game developers?


Doggo: When you are starting your game, make sure that your goals are realistic, and don’t try and make an “open-world MMO RPG” for your first game haha.

Now that the steam release is very close, Doggo has put extra work in and has made an amazing trailer for us all to see!

You can talk to the dev and the game’s community on its discord server here.

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