Blood Boiling Beauty – Cuphead Review

I remember waking up every day as a young child. I’d grab a bowl of crisp and cool cereal at six in the morning then plop myself down for some much awaited cartoons. I was wired to do it each and every Saturday. I’d scramble for my television remote and flick until I saw the old-timey goodness of Tom and Jerry. Althought embarrassing to admit, I feel like that each and every time I play Cuphead.

There probably isn’t a single gamer on the planet that doesn’t know that two-syllable title. Cuphead is an above average run-and-gun game which focusses on boss battles. Forget going through painstaking hours of effort to reach the boss, just hop right into it! After that small summary, Cuphead may not seem like anything special. Sure, you fight boss after boss until you face the main boss, The Devil King. But that’s not the special part…


Every time I take a bite of spicy food, my tongue hates me. But, for some odd reason, I can’t help but keep eating. I don’t care how much pain my mouth suffers, the experience is diabolically enjoyable. It’s the same for Cuphead. While my blood boils and my fingers ache from a rage-induced grip on my controller, it’s like eating spicy food.  It’s diabolically enjoyable.

When it comes to graphics, Cuphead is by far my number one choice. Computer-generated worlds with every pixel perfectly detailed are great and all, but I couldn’t feel for it what I feel for the Cuphead’s beautiful, hand-drawn, cel-animated, 2D world.

Another aspect that helped nail the nostalgic feeling was the custom, melodic music that enhanced each and every battle. Although it’s more behind the scenes, if you haven’t seen Cuphead‘s music being produced, you can check out the recording of the Floral Fury soundtrack, here. The great jazz beneath each moment of the game held me concentrated every time I picked up my controller.


When it comes to the story of Cuphead, I was really able to connect with my childhood. A wacky adventure perpetrated by a fun-loving, bendy, cartoon cup and his equally appealing brother, a mug, was straight out of the Disney textbook. Sent out to defeat an onslaught of creative characters right out of the 1930’s, Cuphead wanders around dishing out finger blasts and collecting the souls of the indebted. Then, Cuphead travels towards the Devil King’s casino to use his newfound strength on the Devil himself.

Devil Kings Casino

When it comes down to it, Cuphead deserves every ounce of fame it gets. I can’t think of any other indie game off the top of my head that was produced with this much effort. From every boss phase transition to the music heard as you stroll around Inkwell Isle One. Each detail of the game provides an experience unlike any other.

Become the savior of Inkwell Isle, slay the Devil King, and finger-blast some carrots! Pick up the game here: Cuphead on Steam

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