Truly Epic Indie Artists

I’m 99% sure that the title explains this article, so without wasting any of your time, let’s hop right into it!

John Kearney

Jacob Williams

Denis Darftey

Stefan S. Valerian


2 thoughts on “Truly Epic Indie Artists

  1. It really is nice to see artist get the spotlight for their amazing work. I have always been fascinated by pixel art, definitely one of my favorite art styles.

  2. Jacob Willams definitely has one of my favorite design styles. I think it’s so awesome that he manages to do so much in a pixel style. I’m glad we’re getting so many great indie games this year though. I’m definitely excited to try out some games from all the artists in this list, and to try out some of the other games I’ve seen popping up online. One I’m really excited for is Nova Nukers. It has a really interesting stage design that I’ve never seen used in a multiplayer before, so I think it’s going to be pretty fun to try out

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