Early Access Preview: Dragon of Legends

Dragon of Legends is a 2D action RPG, set in the mythical Viking inspired world called Manheimr. Inspired by some of the greatest works of Norse and Celtic literature, the game invites you to unravel the mystery surrounding Ragnarok and send Loki’s horde back to hell, in beautifully imagined environments.

As of the current build of the game, there are three playable classes to choose from. Ranger, Warrior and Wizard. Each has their own background, and it’s quite interesting to read how they differ from one another. Dragon of Legends allows you to create up to five characters and delete them at your will. It gives you wiggle room to experiment with all three classes if you can’t decide on just one.

I created two characters to play around with, a Warrior and an Archer. I prefer melee combat to ranged, the thrill of getting up close and personal with things that can kill you, never gets old. No matter which class you choose, the game gives you free rein to build your character. Levelling up earns you points, which can be spent on character traits, strength or dexterity for example, or on skills. Skills in the game are separated into ‘Expertise’ and ‘Aptitude’.

Expertise, are skills you can use in combat, bound to hotkeys like the spacebar, left mouse button, and so on. Aptitude doubles as passive skills, giving you choices such as having a higher damage per hit, or a stronger defense.

The game combat needs more work before it can be enjoyable. Despite having a plethora of skills, there is a fair bit of levelling up to do before you can use them. With just basic attacks, fighting enemies gave me too much grief. If you spent all your points on attack and not defense, you’d die ridiculously quickly. Wolves and boars make quick work of you no matter which class you play. It’s a torturous cycle. You need to kill enemies to level up, but you’d usually die before you can kill them.

Something that comes with the territory of being an early access game, is the bugs. Dragon of Legends has some forgivable ones, but there are a few that really kill the experience. The first was starting up the game and being unable to select my character no matter how much I clicked. Closing the window and starting it again usually solves this.

The second most annoying bug was having a quest reset after I died. I’m not sure if this is a bug, but it certainly feels like one. There’s no merit to having a quest reset each time your character gets sent to Valhalla. For example, I need to kill five boars and five wolves. But it reverts to zero after dying. I don’t mind grinding in games, but I just feel cheated if it’s implemented like this.

The game has a lot of potential in its story and setting. The pixel art graphics is eye-catching and unique. Dragon of Legends offers some substantial content, but improvements need to be made before I can heartily recommend this game.

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