Kill the Hero, Become the Hero – Crawl Review


The dark and the gruesome games of our past have been long since revered and loved throughout the ages of gaming. Games like Castlevania, Ghosts and Goblins, D, Silent Hill and Splatterhouse. All of these have left some kind of mark in gaming history. Now we have another game that attempts to claim such a title as a horror titan. And it is hard to disprove it as such. The originality of the gameplay and the overall feel of the game seriously make it a real contestant for one of the darkest retro style horror game in recent memory.

The gameplay is both simple and rather complicated at the same time. There are four players, one of them plays the hero, while the other three play the monster and try to kill the hero using their deity’s style of creatures. Whoever kills the hero, becomes the hero. The less you level as a hero, the more your creatures gain in wrath, which makes them bigger, stronger creatures! The run and slash style of gaming is fast paced and the demonic presence of the deities makes the game a gruelling, festering brew of bloody muck. The levels rise and the carnage becomes especially brutal!


It doesn’t matter if you’re the human hero or the ghost, the game is fun either way! As a ghost, you possess items to throw at the hero, or you possess pentagrams to unleash the monsters of your deity. Little by little, your monsters grow enormous, and your ability to destroy the hero becomes even greater!

With weapon upgrades and potions, your hero grows, so whatever side you wish to play, it can grow along with the game’s progression. The atmosphere is there and the gothic traits are palpable! While the hit detection could use a little bit of tweaking, that only really adds to the difficulty of the overall game. Even if you are never human, you can still be the most powerful ghost with the mega monsters of your evil deity! Use your magic to blast the human hero. Once he gets to level 10 and enters through the portal, there is a whole other part of the game to play, and I will tell you now, it is well worth the wait!


Crawl is definitely one to check out if you have some spare time, some friends, and a love for the darker side of gaming. It is retro style, it is dark, and it is a little addictive. Not only is it addictive, but thanks to the dungeon’s dangers expanding every single time a game is completed, the replayability is through the roof! This is definitely a game for your indie collection.

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