The Padre – Steam Update

Have you ever gotten the feeling someone or something is watching you? That creepy, eerie feeling that something could jump out at any second? That’s exactly how you will feel every second you play The Padre. The game is a horror point n’ click, where you, a troubled Catholic priest, attempts to solve puzzles within a flashback. Survive being hunted by the mysterious figures lurking in the dark. The enemies span from a wide array of creepy villains such as Zombies, Ghosts, Spiders and even the recurring Demons. There are also a lot of references to other games, such as the Half-Life series and even the Legend of Zelda game’s iconic “It’s dangerous to go alone. Take this”.

If that last bit sounded familiar to you, that would be because I had written a review for the Padre before while it was still in its alpha phase, but now the game has been released on steam so it’s time for a small update. If you would like to read about how the game plays, I recommend checking out my previous review found here, because this is more of an update on the game.

When I initially played the game I refused to go too far because I didn’t want to play a lot of it before the game came out completely, it is still in early access now but they are rapidly moving it towards completion. There are a few points of the game which seem a little odd, things like missing voice lines, words not meeting up with their subtitles, and even a couple of times your character will get stuck trying to move. But that doesn’t ruin the enjoyment of the game.

I spoke with one of the people making the game and asked a couple of questions:

What changes do you enjoy the most about moving from the Alpha version to the Early Access version?

This is a hard one because it is a flow of issues to me, I have tested a lot of different versions. But I guess I was able to add to the story, that’s what matters the most.

What changes are you looking forward to coming out of Early Access?

In Early Access I would like to improve combat and overall flow of the game as well as create more lore to discover.

The gameplay felt a lot like the alpha did, but there were small updates to the dialog and they had changed the voice actor all together for it. The parts I had already played seemed the same, but from others I have talked to there are more changes later in the game.

There are still some minor bugs being found in the game, but the staff works flawlessly to fix these mistakes as quickly as possible as well as to produce more content for the game. Although this is only meant as a “chapter one” sort of game, it still brings out a long and rich story that leaves you wanting more.

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