Inner Space Releases this Tuesday – Trailer

A space flight adventure game developed by Polyknights called Inner Space is being released on Tuesday, tomorrow. Inner Space is an exploration flying game set in a world where physics are inverted. Take command of an unnamed cartographer as you adventure the bubble worlds, collect relics, and encounter each bubbles deity to discover more about its history. You can pick up this game on Linux, Mac OSX, PS4, Switch, Windows, and Xbox One on January 18, 2018!

Note from the creators:

We started PolyKnight Games back in college, when we would meet after class to talk about new challenges in game design. We became fixated on one question in particular: “What would a flying game be like in a universe of inside-out planets?” To answer that question, we decided to put aside our career plans and form our own indie studio.

If you like the idea of a plane that transforms into a submarine, then dives inside the belly of an ancient demigod, you’re in the right place.



Inner Space Trailer:

You can check out the game’s Steam page here or their website, here.

Indie Game Award Finalists Include “Cuphead” and “Night in the Woods.”

The Independent Games Festival revealed their finalists for the 2018 indie gaming awards. The award can go to Infinite Falls’ “Night in the woods” or StudioMDHR’s “Cuphead.” With both games being highly praised, it is a tough choice.


“Night in the woods” is up for Seumas McNally award as well as many awards for its art and visual aesthetics.


“Cuphead” is up there for audiovisual awards and an honorable mention for the grand prize.

Other games such as Bennett Foddy’s “Getting over it”, were good choices, but none can compare to “Cuphead” and its one million copies sold. Also, backed by Microsoft, “Cuphead” is a juggernaut of an indie game. The award will be given out on March 21st, 2018. Tune in to often or our Enomview Youtube channel for more news like this!

A Ninja-Swinging, Bunny Eating, Squid-Like Game – Ocmo

When I played Ocmo for the first time, I was greeted by an interesting sight. I saw darkness, a yellow substance, and a bunny. The whole premise of this platformer is to get your character to the other side of the level where he can feast on his food, the bunny. I don’t quite know that you are, but whatever it is, it has many appendages and uses them to climb its way through the various levels. The game requires a great amount of skill, concentration, and practice. You need to be able to dedicate time to sit down and play this game. Though I think the skill gap may be too high for this type of game, it is still very fun to learn the mechanics.


In order to experience the game in the proper way, you need to use your index finger for control. Depending on where and how you tap the screen, your character moves and interacts with the environment in different ways. In order to complete the levels, you need to chain movements together and avoid the yellow goo which will kill you. In some instances, the goo is moving and you need to dodge it, making the level drastically more difficult.

thumb_OCMO_press_06-e8380c1bba5e25937392b36b67a6e166At the end lies a bunny for you to feast on. The way you kill the bunny is very dark, ripping it apart and eating it. That sequence adds to the very dark feeling of the game. The boss fights are different though. They involve you making your way through a level in fast ways to avoid being killed. You need to really know the mechanics in order to beat them. Even though this game takes immense skill, it is still very fun, keeping me playing and engaged for longer than I thought it would.

As I mentioned before, this game is dark. I’d like to think it’s a post-apocalyptic world. It quite possibly is, but there are other ways to think about it. Maybe it’s a metaphor for our hunger, not with food, but with satisfaction. We would do anything to meet our needs no matter how bad the odds. Even if we have to complete challenging tasks, we do it anyway, because we need to be satisfied. With 80 levels and 6 boss fights, you are left with many hours of gameplay, trying to collect three stars in each level. There is so much more potential for this game to add more interesting content for us to enjoy. Ocmo adds new life to the ninja-rope swing style game and does it in a very unique way. You can pick up this game on the App Store for $4.99.

EnomView Score: 7.5 out of 10

Check out the game:

Alto’s Adventure – The Perfect Harmony of Winter, Snowboarding, and Music on the Go

On its cover, Alto’s adventure is just a simple snowboarding game, but after enjoying it, you realise there’s more than meets the eye. When you boot up Alto’s adventure for the first time, you are greeted by a beautiful mountaintop and are thrown right into the game. The gameplay is basic, yet engaging.


Outstanding visuals in minimalist format

The core structure of the game is snowboarding down a vast, serene mountain. You collect points by hi-fiving llamas (Yes, we said llamas), and collecting coins. By tapping the screen for various amounts of time, you can jump and execute flips, also collecting points that add to your overall score at your run’s end. With coins you can purchase a multitude of one-time use items such as revives, allowing you can continue your game after hitting an obstacle. Next to the transitory items, you can find the permanent upgrades. You can use your coins to buy power-ups that can be found while snowboarding. Those powerups, such as coin magnets, can be upgraded to last longer and appear more often. Although the game has only a few key obstacles to watch out for, when you do encounter them, you must take heed.

At one point of the game, you are being chased by “The Elder”, an enemy that snowboarding behind you. You must avoid him in order to progress. Other than that, the only other obstructions to watch out for are the rocks and your own self-error.


Due to the simple, yet soothing gameplay, I wasn’t able to sustain gameplay for over a long period of time, but the aspects that keep me reminiscing are the stunning graphics visuals and soothing music. The game has a unique art style rarely found in the app store. Alto’s Adventure also includes time cycles, switching between day and night, complementing the snowy environment in amazing ways. Blending with the visuals perfectly is the soothing soundtrack. It keeps you calm and practically pacifies your heart rate.


Alto’s adventure is still just a simple snowboarding game with simple mechanics and gameplay. It’s the charming visuals and beautiful music make the app greatly stand out from its peers. You can pick up this game on your respective app store for $4.99, which is a bargain for this caliber of game.

Enomview Score: 9 out of 10

Check out the game: