Dragon Sin – Tiny Human V. Massive Dragons

Looking for a game with a medieval style? How about one where you can kill dragons as a handsome mercenary. Well, I got the game just for you! Fate Dragon Studio has released Dragon Sin, a badass adventure game with surprisingly awesome combat.

The developers of the title have stated that Dragon Sin was produced in their college years, which they have since graduated. For a game that was made in one of busiest years of person’s life lives, it looks surprisingly well done.


The team has also stated that they have a lot to add to the game, but don’t have the resources to add them yet. If they can make a game as good as this on limited resources, we could only imagine what they can do with more. The game isn’t long, only lasting about 35 minutes.


Dragon Sin is centred around killing dragons with a little bit of story added in. You play as Greer, the offspring of the Dragon Lord. Sure the graphics aren’t GTA 5 level, but what are you really asking for from a group of college kids with limited time and money.

There’s one thing that I forgot to mention: Dragon Sin is 100% free to play. Use creative, well-thought combat mechanics and a massive sword to slice and dice your draconian enemies right now at no cost. Pick it up on Steam in the link below.

Dragon Sin on Steam: http://store.steampowered.com/app/534220/Dragons_Sin/

5 Fun Games for Less Than 10 Dollars – Bitten Toast Games Bundle

Every one of Bitten Toast Games’ titles are currently on sale. That in itself is amazing, but what’s even more amazing is that you can get all of them at the same time for under $10. Pick up a copy of the famous game What the Box? alongside their newest title, Winter Warland.


Winter Warland, a title similar to What the Box?, has you controlling a snowman hidden among a field of statues that look exactly the same as you. Play with your friends, also disguised as quirky snowmen. Sort through the endless amount of clones in search of your real enemies.

Keep fighting until you’re the last player standing. Utilizing your long-range snowballs and carrot-shiv, clear away your enemies one by one. The Christmas themed maps are perfect for battling your friends over the holiday. Winter Warland isn’t the only thing you get when purchasing this package though!


You’ll also receive a title that I’ve been wanting to pick up myself: Rocket Fist. Alongside the Rocket Fist soundtrack, you receive a title that looks energetic and fast-paced. Use rocket-propelled fists in this wacky game to subdue your friends and claim victory.

You could find the whole collection of games and purchase the bundle here: http://store.steampowered.com/app/413500/Rocket_Fist/

Have a Merry Christmas!

McRogue Launches on Steam in Under Six Hours

McRogue launches on Steam in under six hours. This hack-and-slash, or rather hack-and-smash, game features McRogue, a brawn, flame-haired man with robotic fists. Face increasingly hard enemies as you collect power-ups and amass your strength.

The indie game, created by Snare Games’ Rory Driscoll, looks action packed with very developed overhead art and stunning effects. It’s easy to expect great things from the game, especially when you take a look at Driscoll’s track record.


The veteran of the gaming industry took part in creating some massive titles such as God of War: Ascension and Transformers: Fall of Cybertron during his time at Sony Santa Monica.

Driscoll also blogs constantly about in-depth coding info on how the game was made over on his developer company site: Snaregames.com. If you’re looking for some amazing behind the scene information on McRogue, that would be the place to find it.


Although while in Steam Early Access McRogue offers a measly two levels, we cannot wait for this game to bloom even further and become a prominent indie title.

You can get the game here when it unlocks in just a few hours: http://store.steampowered.com/app/758150/McRogue/

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Intoxicating Alchemic Madness – Opus Magnum Review

If you have spent any time on Twitter lately there’s a good chance you’ve come across satisfying gifs of intricate, whirring machines moving glass orbs to and fro, locking them into place before handing them over to rotating grippers, shifting color and transmogrifying them into new elements. It is intoxicating to look at, and, as it turns out to play as well! The name of the game is Opus Magnum, the newest project by Zachtronics, and it’s pretty damn great.

This ingenious puzzle game has an actual story to back it up. You set out as Anataeus Vaya, an alchemical prodigy who lands the job of head alchemist at one of the prestigious houses of the game’s steampunk inspired world. As the head alchemist, you are tasked with creating a variety of compounds, from fuel for the airships to a ‘stamina potion’ so the house’s prince can produce an heir. And later, as the story progresses, explosive phials and rocket propellant.

You create these items through your trusty alchemical transmutation engine, represented as a hexagon-shaped grid on which you place alchemical reagents, various mechanisms and glyphs with which you create fantastical machines. You can drag ‘instructions’ to each mechanisms timeline, making it grab or release a compound, rotating it left or having it ride along a rail until you form the compounds and lock it in place to win the puzzle. Easier said than done as mechanisms and reagents may not touch each other.

Then again, finishing the puzzle is actually not that difficult. It gets interesting when you get to see the metrics afterward. You are shown a graph on which you can see the number of people that finished the puzzle in the scores of cost, cycles, and area. These metrics take no precedence over each other and you can choose whether you want to create an efficient machine with a low amount of cycles, a cheap machine that only uses two grippers or a really small one with a low area cost. Seeing that large spike at 60 cycles while you finished the puzzle in 50 gives a real sense of accomplishment, and if you didn’t do so well you’ll be driven to optimise more or find satisfaction in a different metric. You’ll be refining each puzzle for months to come!

By not having a singular score metric the game allows you to set your own goals. It creates dynamic difficulty and rewards creativity. There are so many ways to solve each puzzle and not being locked in a ‘right way’ to go about it allows for a lot of freedom. Many puzzle games have a set solution, and while it gives off a sense of accomplishment no feeling is better than doing something in a way that is unique to you as a person. Every solution you tinker with creates an on-screen splendor for you to share with friends. These elements are well thought out with players being able to create a gif of their work at the click of a button, multiple save slots per puzzle solution, and the implementation of steam leaderboards.

The story is by and large presented through short conversations between classical looking portraits of the main characters before each puzzle. These exchanges are brief enough to not disrupt the pace of the game, but in-depth enough to provide a good understanding of what’s going on in the story, and cleverly written to boot. The story takes a backseat to the gameplay but still serves as an interesting backdrop to the true star of the game: the brilliant puzzles. It took me about ten hours to get through the five-act campaign. I could have done it a lot faster but I didn’t want to. I could see myself replaying these puzzles endlessly before wanting to move on to the next one.

Zachtronics is well known in the industry for creating logic-based puzzle games such as Infinifactory, SHENZHEN I/O and TIS-100. All of these games revolve around automating various processes and are known for having a high level of complexity, but Opus Magnum manages to be Zachtronic’s most accessible game yet with a surprising amount of depth and flexibility. Highly recommended!

EnomView Score: 9.5 out of 10

Check out the game: http://store.steampowered.com/app/558990/Opus_Magnum/

Team8 Studios Releases: Genetic Disaster On Steam

Team8 Studios has released Genetic Disaster on Steam for $19.99. Shown as a co-op action game, Genetic Disaster offers co-op, supporting up to four people, an abundance of weapons, hand-painted scenery and generated levels so the fun never ends. The levels change based on the number of people playing, ensuring variety and originality. The vibrant, multicolored game is played from an overhead perspective of four characters: Bunker, Sneaky, Devil, and Panic. The players traverse the ever-changing mansion and destroy the swarm of enemies awaiting them. You can even upgrade your character to fit your own playstyle or fill for your team composition.


Genetic Disaster is filled with flashy graphics that are guaranteed to draw you in. The modern retro-esc environment gives the feeling of an arcade game, bringing you back to the times of simple yet hilariously fun games. The background and characters are all hand painted emphasizing the detail the team put into the game.

Another aspect of Genetic Disaster that sounds exciting is the friendly fire. If you’ve seen the trailer you can tell that the situation will get hectic very quickly, prompting you to shoot at whatever you see. However be careful as your enemies might not be the only one receiving the bad end of the stick. Based on these circumstances, the playstyle of the game would focus on more strategy than just shoot and run.

GeneticDisaster-Screen-7.pngTeam8 Studios is a video game studio that specializes in co-op games. They’ve always imagined creating a game where the co-op actually matters, when the goal is only achieved using both of the player’s strengths. This ensures Genetic Disaster has a genuine co-op feeling with everyone being able to contribute to the victory at the end. Download Genetic Disaster to play with your friends and you’ll have a game you can rely on for a long time.

Check out the game:  http://store.steampowered.com/app/672460/Genetic_Disaster/
Team8 Studio’s Website: http://team8studio.com/index.php/en/

The Tear-Jerking Story that Helped a Man Understand Death – The First Tree Review

We’ve all been through the rebellious teenage years of our lives. The times where you would much rather be out with friends. The times where your home life matters little to you. The times where you refuse to notice the sacrifices made by mom and dad. Your thoughts… your actions… all things you regret and wish you could take back in your adolescent years. If this has any meaning to you, then you are not alone. Follow both a fox determined to save her young from a hungry wolf and the touching story about a son’s attempt to cope with the loss of his father in the relaxing adventure, The First Tree.


You begin your journey in the eyes of a fox. Your children have gone missing and it is your job to find and save the poor innocent creatures from the threats that lie in the wilderness. Within the first few minutes of this visually astonishing story, you see a flock of birds fly off from a corpse on the ground. That ate-out rotted body is sadly one of your young. You sit in sorrow but have no time to grieve since your mission still stands. One more child is in jeopardy, and he will not suffer the same fate as the last. Without haste, you begin your journey in locating and saving your only other beloved child.

As you wander the beautiful verdant forest and pass the scurrying bunnies and birds, you will find beacons of light in the distant. Make your way to those and you will find the true story behind The First Tree. You can interact with the foot of these beacons to dig up an artifact that has a specific meaning to a certain someone named Joseph. Joseph is the unfortunate individual who has recently lost his father. Whether this fox digs up a wooden train or a toy car, each item has a meaning and a story. Joseph is narrating these experiences to his wife, Racheal. At the start, the stories seem mundane. Ones about a show and tell, and gifts from dad. I found The First Tree tiring, spending three minutes running from one beacon to the next, just to hear a common school tale. I simply found the game… boring for the first ten minutes, but then the story starts to get interesting. Each story begins to tie with the next and leaves you in suspense until you find your path to the next beacon. I soon found myself hooked and engaged with Josephs sorrow.


There are no complex controls in The First Tree, but with the few the game offers, I found the movement buggy and some obstacles that should be resized. You can only run and jump, but if needed, an extra jump is granted while airborne to carry you further. If you use your second jump late, then you will travel a great distance, but a low height. If you rapidly use both jumps, then you can achieve a great height, but risk losing the distance. The choice is yours depending on the obstacles present. The only problem is that I found a couple vertical walls difficult to scale normally. I had to find unconventional paths or angles to achieve the height needed. While it may have been an issue on my understanding of the controls, I found myself in unnatural places attempting to hop a wall.

While some walls may have stood out of reach, most of the others where scalable through power-ups. Actually, I should rephrase. The one and only power-up in the game… butterflies! Yep, you heard me, colorful butterflies. Along the course of your journey, you are bound to cross paths with a circle of purple butterflies. Walk through this circle and the butterflies will follow you as you walk. Once you take that leap of faith, you will rise in the air higher than you ever could with the standard double jump. Using these butterflies will be essential at some points to progress further in the story


During your adventure in The First Tree, you will encounter light enhanced orbs. These can be collected and presented in a counter displayed on your screen. While me revealing the use of these orbs will spoil a piece of the ending, I will say to collect as much as you can find. What you do with these orbs makes the game so much more special and unique to not only you but other players that choose to tackle the game.

While the controls felt unnatural and buggy at times, it should not undermine the heartfelt story and beautiful graphics of The First Tree. The land is vast, and the mountains are wide. The world is yours to travel and uncover the meaning of understanding death. You may come to find that Joseph and the fox are not so different after all, and the more you play, the more you will understand the true purpose of The First Tree.

EnomView Score: 8.5 out of 10

Check out the game: http://store.steampowered.com/app/555150/The_First_Tree/


Dragon of Legends Now Live on Steam Early Access

Dragon of Legends is now live and available for purchase on the Steam store. Although in early access, the game offers exciting combat and a diverse RPG story based in the 2D world of Manheimr.

With a sublime, custom soundtrack, face ferocious monsters and unravel the mysteries of Ragnarok. This wonderfully produced pixel art game allows the player to pick and customize an assortment of unique medieval characters, such as wizards and warriors, and take to battle. Explore a packed world fighting larger-than-life creatures in an effort to send Loki’s Horde back to hell.


An aspect that looks especially fun are the boss fights. Face massive ogres, orcs, and as the name suggests, dragons with pleasingly creative pixel designs. Normal monster sprite designs are also fantastic. The artists behind Dragon of Legends definitely made great use of the limited amount of pixels available. Overall, the minimalistic design works perfectly, even for such a complex game.


Although the early access version of the game offers a plethora of features, Thrive Games intends to expand, adding features like multiplayer functionality and new classes. The game also intends to expand to the mobile gaming world, allowing cross-platform ability between Android and iOS devices.

Make sure to pick up a copy of the exciting new tale of Dragon of Legends.

Dragon of Legends on steam: http://store.steampowered.com/app/590580/Dragon_of_Legends/

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Help a Dwarf in His Time of Need! – Ruggnar

Ruggnar feels like an old game. One that you’d find on your emulator and say “Oh, wow! I remember this game,” then sit there for an hour trying to beat it again. Composed of mysterious yet inspiring music, Ruggnar, which I assume is the name of the main character, features a bearded dwarf harboring a candle on his head. His sole objective is to collect golden coins and keys to escape the dungeon. The game has three chapters for story mode and two miscellaneous modes: random dungeons and daily dungeons, both of which require the player to complete Chapter 1 of the story mode to unlock. Join Ruggnar and help light up his path to victory!


Immediately after launching the game you are presented with a screen letting you know that a controller is recommended for playing this game. Getting my controller ready, I first made sure that I wouldn’t rather be using my mouse and keyboard. The menu screen is navigated using the arrow keys and with enter to select. The menu screen is simple and includes the title of the game, navigational buttons, and Ruggnar, who says “I need some help. Do you want to try?” After selecting play and the first chapter on story mode, I noticed something interesting. The game included its own online leaderboard with users and their times for completing the level. Even the tutorial had a number-one time at 14.112 seconds. I thought to myself “I could probably beat this”, but after 10 frustrating minutes I gave up with a personal best of sixteen seconds. I decided it was time to delve into the actual game.


The game revolves around your candles, whether that be the one on top of your head or the multiple that you have at the start of each level. Parts of the dungeon that aren’t already lit up by chandeliers, lava or any other light source are darkened, restricting your vision and leaving you in the dark (literally). To light the area up and see what you’re doing you have two options: move to dark spaces and risk getting killed by something you can’t see, or throw your candles and watch as it lights up the area on which it falls. Although you only have a limited amount of candles to start with, you can pick up more around the dungeon. Beware as waterfalls can extinguish the flame on top of your head, requiring you to relight the candle using one of your own. Each dungeon contains traps to kill you. These include swinging axes, spikes, lava and much more. Checkpoints, which are shown as candelabras, are littered throughout the dungeon so you don’t pull your hair out trying to finish a level. I say that because unless you’re extremely patient, you will die many times.


The main reason will be because of a lack of knowledge on where to go and how to complete the dungeon. When you die, you leave behind a tombstone with a candle on top, creating a handy light source. Another aspect of the game are the items that you can find and pick up around a dungeon. These include a feather, enabling you to jump much higher and run faster and a light which removes all the darkness in a level for a short period of time. The dungeons get more and more complex as you continue, often requiring some time to figure out a level before beating it. The biggest potential for this game is speedruns. I can already see that the developer has this in mind because of the leaderboards. I found myself wanting to speed through each level but failing as I didn’t know the layout of the map. More experienced players can definitely make this game known for its speed run capabilities by showing off their skills as they complete each level at record time.


The use of candles throughout the game was an interesting mechanic, but one that I didn’t find much use out of. In my experience, running through the level and using trial and error was the quickest way to complete a dungeon. Perhaps it was my lack of patience that made me choose the speedrun method, however I can’t imagine many people using the candles for their actual purpose. They have a small area of effect and take a little too long to throw. Your tombstone provides a better source of light and even acts as a little reminder so know if you need to watch out for anything. Although the music consists of one looped soundtrack, I found it fitting the game perfectly. It was mysterious, yet encouraged you to continue the level to see what you could find. The old-fashioned artwork helped give the game a nostalgic feeling, enticing players who desire games that bring back memories.


One thing to keep in mind throughout this review is that Ruggnar is still in Alpha. It’s in its early stages but I hope to see some new elements and improvements in the near future. The potential for speed-runs in this game is huge and could be its main attraction drawing players in. Overall the game offers challenging and solid puzzles to complete, a peaceful and mysterious soundtrack all accompanied by the compelling artwork.

Enomview Score: 7 out of 10

Ruggnar Early Access: https://sirill.itch.io/ruggnar

Countdown to Telltale’s Minecraft: Story Mode Season 2 Finale

Three days remain until Minecraft: Story Mode’s season two finale gets released. The extremely popular series by Telltale has become well known in the Minecraft community, attracting YouTubers and streamers alike. The point and click/choose your own path game focuses on a plot which is based on the ever so popular sandbox game, Minecraft. The player completes puzzles, decides where to go, and most importantly, chooses the dialogue between characters. Subsequently, the end-game depends on the path the player chooses to follow, not what the game forces you to. Many other popular games have taken this approach, a more popular one being The Walking Dead.


Season one of Minecraft story mode comprises of eight episodes, each a little more than an hour long. If playing more than eight hours of story mode doesn’t sound appealing, countless videos of people playing and completing the game are all on YouTube. I recommend getting your popcorn ready and clearing up three hours of your day as you’ll quickly get drawn in. You can buy the game for $25.99 on steam and play the first season for free for a limited time only. You better go quick, as the season finale is supposed to be mind boggling!


Check out the game: http://store.steampowered.com/app/639170/Minecraft_Story_Mode__Season_Two/
Season 1 free demo: http://store.steampowered.com/app/376870/Minecraft_Story_Mode__A_Telltale_Games_Series/

NakedMan vs The Clothes – A Humorous Battle Between Mankind and Their Wardrobe

Remember those embarrassing dreams where you walk into school naked, being laughed at by all of your peers. Well, NakedMan vs The Clothes brings that embarrassment out of the mind and into your PC. The only difference is… well… your clothes have kinda developed a mind of their own and have taken over the world. The world has been left in shambles as articles of clothing rule from the green plains to the white artics, attacking every nude human that comes within sight. Luckily NakedMan is here to reclaim the world back to the true leaders, the righteous humans.


Purchasable for $1.99, NakedMan vs The Clothes offers six worlds to navigate and end the plague that is our clothing. Each of the pixelated worlds is of different terrains, making me feel as if I am the “knight in see-through armor”, travelling the entire world for the justice of the fellow man. In each world, you must complete three levels in order to advance to the next. The first two are levels filled with difficult jumps, an abundance of woven enemies, and a golden door you must reach to conclude the course. The final level pushes your skills to the limit… it’s time for a boss battle! Each boss battle with NakedMan vs The Clothes caused more deaths than I’m comfortable to admit. I was forced to create different strategies since each boss was challenging in their own way. The bosses range from a lava throwing pyro to a race with an ice skater.

AWzy99.pngOne thing I did find rather disappointing was the characters used as bosses. While they may have been unique, I felt as if they didn’t fit in the world of NakedMan vs Clothes very well. You would expect that after fighting through pants and rugs, you would be forced to fight the “King of Suits” or the “Jester of Skirts”, but no. Instead, we face scuba divers and flame-throwing mages.

The controls are fairly simple and easy to master. You can either attack or jump. While NakedMan vs The Clothes offers both keyboard and controller support, I found the quick movements needed to duck and dodge easier to perform on the classic controller. These evil pieces of fabric can be eradicated with… well, what is that?


I couldn’t figure out the weapon for the life of me, so I reached out to the developer. The weapon is a “water atomizer (the “crystal cleaner spray” kind) loaded with bleach!”

While ripping apart clothes have been fun, I got frustrated at the bugs in this game. NakedMan vs The Clothes offers a mechanic where if you press the “down” control on a specific surface, you will fall through the floor. I found frequently that I would randomly fall, causing me to die and restart the course. While it wasn’t too frustrating for the majority of the game, there were certain boss battles that prioritized the flooring to be traversed through. You can imagine the headaches in randomly falling through a floor when the boss was two shots away from death. While I do believe this is a negative trait, I enjoy that this adds but another piece of difficulty to this already challenging masterpiece.


Do not let the humor of NakedMan vs The Clothes distract you from its difficulty. Although the game may be short, it spares no sympathy in easing you into the game. Straight from level one, you are put into difficult scenarios, oddly placed enemies, and only three hearts to your health bar. You heard me get hit three times and you must repeat the course. While the game saves once you complete a world, you will not receive that benefit if you leave before annihilating the boss. If you choose to exit before the boss is dead, you will be forced to start the world from course one.


It seems like games nowadays spoon feed its players with an abundance of save points, and easy to defeat enemies. While games like Dark Souls still provide players with a challenge, most games offer quantity over quality. More world with less difficulty. NakedMan vs The Clothes takes no chances. Its six worlds offer more difficulty and strategy needed than any game I have played in a while. I enjoy a game with a challenge, but if that is not your cup of tea, then I would skip out on purchasing this game. NakedMan vs The Clothes can be purchased today in the steam marketplace.

EnomView Score: 8.2 out of 10

Check out the game: http://store.steampowered.com/app/592130/NakedMan_VS_The_Clothes/