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As you may know, EnomView is currently being run out of pocket. Don’t feel sorry for us though! We do what we do because we love it. Our passion for indie games and the beautiful minds behind them keep us posting two and three articles every day. We don’t want EnomView just to be a brand or a news outlet, we want it to be a portal into the under-represented and well deserving masterpieces made every day.

While we don’t do this for money (in the slightest), the site needs funds to remain afloat, increase outreach, and allow us to create Indie reviews showcasing games.

If you support what we do, have fallen in love with indie games that’veĀ broken through the mold (Undertale, Cuphead, Superhot…), and want to see more deserving titles make it big: Consider Supporting us.

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Current Patrons:

Michael Graves

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