A Man on a Mission – Little Buno Review

What would you do if your entire village was attacked and kidnapped by gorillas? Probably run away and never look back, right? Well, Little Buno does the exact opposite. In the game, you play as a hunter who’s village was ransacked by gorillas looking for food. All the food in the area was taken by the villagers, so the enraged apes sought revenge. When Buno returned from his hunting trip to find a destroyed village, he set out to find and save the villagers.


The game itself is fairly simple to understand, you can do two things with Buno: walk slowly backwards, and throw bananas. The goal is to throw bananas into the gorilla’s open mouths multiple times to fill up their hunger bar. But, you also need to be constantly backing up to avoid the gorillas getting ahold of you before their hunger bar drops, or it’s game over for Buno. You can only throw the bananas at the gorilla when it opens its mouth. Other than that, you just have to keep backing up. If you consecutively land another banana after the first in a gorilla’s mouth, you gain bonus point to help speed up the level. Some levels also ramp it up a notch by either giving you a limited amount of time to complete the level, or by limiting the number of bananas you can throw, which is normally just slightly over the amount you will need.


The game is played in a level based format with 60 levels spread out among three different worlds. As you progress through the levels you will unlock upgrades for Buno that increase his stats to help finish levels off even faster. The levels progressively get more difficult as you continue through the game. Some levels can keep you trying forever, where at other points you’ll breeze through multiple levels in minutes. In my opinion, the game is a fun way to kill some time, but they could do more with it. The game only has 60 levels, so I feel like they could add more levels to elongate the gameplay. Also, they could add a sort of “challenge mode” where each level is repeated, but on an entirely different scale of difficulty.

Rain Bullets Upon Bullets – Enter the Gungeon Review

What happens when you enter the Gungeon? Do you think you’re ready for what goes on in the Gungeon? Well, you’re wrong! You’re not there to survive, you’re there to conquer! You’re there to kick in the door and throw down! Set your lasers to kill, rain your bullets, and start shooting those bullets that shoot guns! And…wait, what?

Yes, that’s right, after you very quickly enter the Gungeon, you are transported to a world that is solely based around armaments and firearms. The vast majority of your opponents are bullets, shotgun shells and grenades of some assortment. The gameplay is so high octane, if you’re not getting your pulse going, you better do it fast! The game is so fast paced you have no choice but to dunk your head in the deep end and start shooting it up!

The rules and controls are simple and explained to you using a very quick and easy tutorial. In fact, the tutorial is fun and innovative. The humor the game uses is not exactly subtle, but then, neither is the game. It throws you for a loop and starts shooting pretty damn quick. The controls are intuitive and easy to manage, so long as you keep shooting and dodge rolling.

Enter the Gungeon Review

The guns you pick up is half the fun! Seriously, I was not kidding when I said that there is a bullet that shoots guns. There’s a meat gun that shoots blades, there’s even an AK-47! Well, I guess that last one isn’t exactly new, but still! You are given all that you need in the beginning to win this game, so long as you use it right. You will be put through bullet hells, explosions, destruction of all kinds, and come out feeling more awesome because of it. You get better at the game because you want to get better at the game, you want to explore the tunnels of the Gungeon and find out what other guns you can shoot, and what other weird hostiles you will encounter.

As soon as you think you’ve seen it all, BOOM! There’s so much more to see! More bullets, more bombs, more explosives flying all over the place and you’ll even see a bird with a Gatling gun! Don’t try to understand it! Don’t think too hard! Logic has no place here! The time you take trying to think is time you should be firing that weapon into your enemy’s face! Every level has its own quirks that you can have a nice chortle at. Not only is it enjoyable from a gamer’s point of view but anyone watching you play can have fun too.

The wild running and gunning gameplay is so charming that you won’t even worry about the graphics, which are more of a new age 16-bit style. If anyone is concerned about the graphics then you are missing the point entirely! The art style and environments are so well placed and atmospheric that they do not distract you. Though, that is also a downfall for you, the player. As the background also has pitfalls and water that you either need to jump over or teleport over. If not then you fall down them and lose a life, oh well, this stuff happens.


You have several classes to choose from in the beginning, and half the fun is trying to find one that suits your type of gameplay that you enjoy. Try them all, or try one if it suits your needs, it doesn’t matter. All these classes do is promote replayability, and that is important when you look at purchasing a game. Each one of them has their own perks, pros, and cons that you can use to your advantage.


Image result for g2a

Get the Game for $6.60 Off!


If you haven’t noticed, this game is awesome on pretty much all levels. It controls well, it’s colorful, it’s high intensity, it’s challenging, funny, and just all around a great time. It involves guns and explosions but it is not gory or overly violent. Anyone can play it. So wait, since you’re still reading this review, that probably means you haven’t bought this game yet. What are you waiting for? If you haven’t gotten this game you are missing out on a pulverizing piece of powerful punch that you don’t want to pass up! In fact, you’ll need to start practicing your ambidexterity right now, so open a new tab, and get on steam while still reading this review in a different window! Get the game! Get the collector’s edition! It doesn’t matter! Get it and drench yourself in piles of gunpowder and death!

EnomView Score: 10 out of 10

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Image result for The binding of isaac

The Binding of Issac

Cuphead: “But I can’t!”

Image resultIt seems the further down the line we get from the golden days of the video game consoles, the more we forget where our roots lie. After the video game crash of ‘83, the entertainment systems were brought to homes across the country with a brand new look and idea of how games should work. The idea was to make the games difficult to cause the player to want to play it more, and thus play it longer by both length and hardship of the game.

This is why the current dilemma of Cuphead is puzzling. Suddenly it seems that some players are voicing their opinion that the game is too hard and not open to the vast populace of gamers to play. They say that it should have a version that is easier so that more people can play it and beat it. Where’s the fun in that? Isn’t the point of the game to play it and enjoy the challenge of it? If you were able to binge play it in one sitting, where is the satisfaction? Challenge is a good thing. The point of it is that you get better as you play, and your hand-eye coordination improves as you do. Yes, it can get frustrating but that just makes the experience that much more worth it in the end once you actually manage to beat it.

Image result

There are so many games that are considered great that are so devilishly hard, they have earned great infamy over the ages. Well, guess what? They are still remembered today as icons of their time. Games like Castlevania, Dark Souls, Contra, Ghosts and Goblins are all considered difficult, yet still have a place in the consoles with both classic gamers and new gamers alike. Cuphead should not have to compromise its overall level design for the sake of covering a bigger demographic. The difficulty of the game is part of its identity and the reason so many people love it.

There is a very old and widely spread quote that hits the nail on the head on this subject: “If you try to please everyone, you’ll end up pleasing no one.” Say the game does set up a “very easy” option. There will be crowds of gamers out there disappointed for the developers selling out. You pleased one crowd of people, but now your demographic are all disheartened, maybe even feeling betrayed. Once you get right down to it, the crowd that you end up pleasing won’t be completely satisfied either. You decreased the hard parts, but it may not have made the game easy enough for them. Instead of slapping the plate off the table and demanding the developers “make it again!” How about we all be thankful that such a game exists in the first place. Seriously, these people have worked ever so hard to make this game already. The creation of this game was not a cake walk, it already had several delays and frustrations in the production that they almost, an irony of ironies, rage quit themselves. People don’t understand the process of making a game is vastly more difficult than they think. A game like Cuphead would need to dig into its very core to reduce the challenge, and would it really be worth it? After all is said and done, no.

Image result

The solution? Stick to your guns. Cuphead has already broken the multi-million copies sold in such a short amount of time. It did that on its own volition and game mechanics. With its unique art style, fantastic gameplay and control, Cuphead is already an up and coming classic in the making. Compromising the integrity for something so trivial as a lower difficulty just would not be worth it. The game already took forever to create as it was. It was created with an art style that has not seen the light of day for some time now, and these people are expecting them to go out of their way to change it to satisfy a demographic that may or may not buy it in the first place? Let’s face it, probably not.

The main point is to be happy with what we have. If the game wasn’t already amazing to begin with, no one would have even heard of it in the first place. Cuphead has already garnered its own following, gotten rave reviews across the board, and raged true blue gamers with its extensively difficult but amazingly gorgeous methods of play. If you need to, take it with a grain of salt, and drink your water.


The Padre: A Point and Click Adventure of Terror


Have you ever gotten the feeling someone or something is watching you? That creepy, eerie feeling that something could jump out at any second? That’s exactly how you will feel every second you play The Padre. The game is a horror point n’ click, where you, a troubled Catholic priest, attempts to solve puzzles within a flashback. Survive being hunted by the mysterious figures lurking in the dark. The enemies span from a wide array of creepy villains such as Zombies, Ghosts, Spiders and even the recurring Demons. There are also a lot of references to other games, such as the Half-Life series and even the Legend of Zelda game’s iconic “It’s dangerous to go alone. Take this”.

Your journey all begins in your own room, far from the mansion you will experience the main horrors in, but you are sent out on a mission to find a missing companion, Cardinal Benedictus. This journey leads you on the road for many days before you end up at the mansion. You enter seeking refuge, but in return find yourself trapped in a room with a loud banging noise.

Although the threat of the enemies is fear-inspiring, the puzzles are what will be the biggest trouble. Puzzles offer a wide range of complexities that you might notice without some digging. One of the first puzzles involves three rooms, the starting room where loud bangs can be heard from below, a dressing room where jumpscares will pop up when you least expect them, and a bedroom, where a zombie mother sings lullabies to an empty room.

The controls are a little finicky, which is to be expected with a point and click game. The way the camera angle changes as you move can sometimes mess your sense of direction up. I would recommend pressing escape as soon as you enter the game to familiarize yourself with the controls. That small act will help you understand the game a lot faster. Your character menu is also slightly difficult to understand at first. The items you can equip and the items you cannot are not separated, only being distinguished when clicked on. This makes it so you will never know which item could be useful in a given situation, like running from an angry zombie. Finally, there is no good way to tell how much damage you have taken, but there is medicine that heals health, so drink up if you know you took some damage.

ThePadre_picture_ 17

For those who want to see how the combat works in the game, there is also an option at the start menu called “Survive… Try” which puts you into a graveyard where waves of spiders and zombies will attack you. All you are given is a crowbar, a machete, a pistol with 12 rounds, and some torches. I played this mode quite a bit to see how far I could go but sadly never made it that far, being overcome by the various hordes.

I truly enjoyed my playthrough of The Padre, and even though the game is still in its alpha phase, the updates soon to come are phenomenal. They are constantly adding more gameplay and lore to the game and we can’t wait to try a finished copy. When more sounds and story are added, everyone will want to get hands-on with this title. One final tip to leave you off with: beware of what lurks in the shadows, but don’t be shy to give away a few items along the way.

EnomView Score: 9 out of 10

Check out The Padre here.

Zelda Randomizer Tournament Finals – A Link to the Past

After months of matches, hammering enemies, searching for mirrors, and swagducks, the final matches for the Fall Open-Mode Tournament were played. Out of the 100 participants of the main tournament, Cransoon and ajneb174 clashed in the finals. And then there was the finals of the secondary Tournament. The secondary Tournament was available to anyone who didn’t make it into the main tournament. In here Zean and Xirtanul met in the finals. The grand price: Their names in the game.

The first match of the finals was played on Wednesday, the 27th of December. Before the match we were shown the best of the tournaments, which was a great way to relive the experience. With the first item found in the first match being the boomerang, the finalists set off. Very early it was known by a check of ajneb174 that the first game was an Agahnim required seed. The hammer and first sword were found fast, but the other sword upgrades were hiding in Ganon’s Tower. Cransoon lost time 30 minutes in the match due to two deaths to Mothula. In the first match, anjeb174 was already fighting Ganon before Cransoon entered Ganon’s Tower. He finished at a time of 1 hour, 17 minutes and 15 seconds. Cransoon finished 12 minutes later.

Finals 2.PNG

The second match was played on Saturday 30 December. The early gloves in Link’s house made ajneb174 grab a bomb and enter in the sewers. There he found the sword and more bombs. This match really showed why these two belong in the finals. In this match, no dark rooms is required without a lamp. Both of them went through the dark rooms and finish the game without ever finding the lamp. Cransoon entered Go-Mode first with finding the Firerod in Turtle Rock 43 minutes in the race. Sadly he died on Vitreous after doing the Misery Mire Dark rooms. He bailed out directly, bought potions and tried to enter the Palace of Darkness. Then he discovered he had no rupees left. Ajneb174 entered Go-Mode 59 minutes in also with the Firerod. In 10 minutes anjeb174 closed the gap between him and Cransoon. While it looked like Cransoon would enter Ganon first, he had 2 hearts and decided to grab a fairy first. This allowed ajneb174 to enter Ganon first with 4 hearts and just blue mail. Finals ChampionOne hit would have killed anjeb174, but he managed to evade everything Ganon threw at him. While some would say Cransoon threw as soon as he grabbed the fairy, he took a hit during the Ganon fight. The race was close to the end. Anjeb174 managed to finished first, and Cransoon finished 15 seconds later. This means that ajneb174 is the champion of the Main Tournament.

The finals of the Secondary Tournament was between Zaen and Xirtanul. This was played on Friday 29 December. In the first match, the gloves were found early. However, the hammer was hiding at the bat. They found this after 1 hour in. The final item they needed in match one was Bombos, so they could enter Misery Mire. Xirtanul was the first one to find this medallion at Kholdstare. Zaen was doing Ice Palace at that time, and it didn’t take him long to find this as well. While Zaen was climbing the Gauntlet, Xirtanul was fighting Ganon already. He finished Ganon before Zaen entered Agahnim2, taking the victory in race 1.

Finals 3

The second race was played soon after the first race. This time the hammer was not as elusive as last time and found in Eastern Palace. While they found most items, this time the Hookshot was hiding. After Zaen took out Lanmolas in Desert Palace, he found this item. With only the Firerod left, he found Silver Arrows in Swamp Palace. He entered Go-Mode after going into Hookshot Cave and finding the Firerod. Both did Turtle Rock before Skull Woods in this race. Moldorm was trying his hardest to throw Zaen down, but he managed to stay on the platform. Entering Ganon first, he managed to take him down with his silver arrows and take the second match, forcing the third decisive match.

The third match was played after a 10 minutes break. This time there were early mirrors, moon pearls and flippers. The seed this time was fast, and Zaen was quickly taking a big advantage this race. He kept expanding his advantage during the entire game. While he forgot that he had the boots, he started using them when entering Moldorn in Hera’s Tower. When he went to check the Spiral Cave and finding the bow, he had the game. Xirtanul decided not to check the Spiral Cave when he had the opportunity and missed this item. It was thanks to this decision, that he won the game. Xirtanul was 5 minutes behind when he entered Ganon’s Tower. Zaen was already fighting Ganon. This made Zaen the champion of the Secondary Tournament.

Finals 5.PNG

If you didn’t watch the matches yet, it is worth to watch back. Congratulations to both anjeb174 and Zaen for winning their tournaments. If you want to see more ALTTP randomizers or these racers, you can see them again in the next Tournament. The top 8 of the Main Tournament and the top 4 of the Secondary Tournament will be in the main tournament. The Key-sanity tournament will be starting at the end of January where our latest Author will be participating in.

Finding your other half – Jack N’ Jill Review

A simple yet challenging platformer made by Rohan Narang. With music and graphics that can be considered a nod to the retro games. With various mechanisms to reach the end of each level, this game can provide hours of entertainment.

Jack N’ Jill is a one-button retro platformer. Take control of Jack or Jill, jumping (or wall jumping) to get past obstacles and enemies. Your goal is to find your other half while wandering all 7 worlds. There are 20 levels in each world, making it a total of 140 levels.

As you start the game, you can choose between Jack or Jill by selecting one in the lower left corner. By default, it lets you play as Jack. When entering the first level, you get a small tutorial about how to play this game. Tap to start a level and delve into a fun, yet simple game. Like the popular game “Geometry Dash”, repeatedly press your screen to keep the moving Jack alive. As you progress, the difficulty rises, introducing complex combo-jumps you learn by repetition. For example, as soon as you start the second world, you gain the ability to wall jump. Each time something new appears, the character comments on it before the start of the level. Sadly, the unlocked abilities can’t be used at earlier levels.

Jack N Jill Jump

While the gameplay seems simple, it is not always forgiving. It starts off easy, but soon you notice that the timing has to be a lot more precise than you expect. Sometimes you need to press the jump button way before you reach the pit. Another time you need to press it at the last moment. You can’t really determine what you have to do by looking at the level. This makes many parts of the adventure very unforgiving, as when you die due to this, you have to start the stage all over again. Thankfully, the developers were more forgiving when hopping off of enemies. You have a larger window to press the screen again to jump the full distance again instead of half the distance. If you managed to wait for the last moment, you even can jump further than possible. There are no uses for that, but it makes it a bit more manageable.

The graphics remind us of the Gameboy days. The black and white style with the simple character design is a tribute to that beautiful handheld device. The backgrounds are also very simple and not in the least distracting. In fact, if you focus on the game itself, you hardly notice it. The main characters could have been a lot more unique, but the simple design of them really works well with the retro theme.

Jack N Jill.png

While the game is fun, and the gameplay good, the music itself is repetitive. Each world has their own music, but all of them seem to consist of the same parts in it, with some other instruments giving variation to the world music. For short sessions, it seems fine, but if you play it for more than 30 minutes, it gets annoying. When you keep dying, you keep hearing the music go on and on, always cheerful. It does not really capture the retro feeling we suspect they were going for. The 8-bit era had games with better music, which is a shame since this is where they could have shown their love for the game.

The games of Rohan Narang are mostly inspired by old Gameboy and NES titles, and this game really shows his love for those titles. We find the characters cute and charming, and this game is no different. However, in contrast to the old Gameboy games, the music of this game is below average quality. The best way to enjoy this game is by turning the music off and listening to old Gameboy platformer OST’s while enjoying your simple adventure.

EnomView Score: 7 out of 10.

Dragon Sin – Tiny Human V. Massive Dragons

Looking for a game with a medieval style? How about one where you can kill dragons as a handsome mercenary. Well, I got the game just for you! Fate Dragon Studio has released Dragon Sin, a badass adventure game with surprisingly awesome combat.

The developers of the title have stated that Dragon Sin was produced in their college years, which they have since graduated. For a game that was made in one of busiest years of person’s life lives, it looks surprisingly well done.


The team has also stated that they have a lot to add to the game, but don’t have the resources to add them yet. If they can make a game as good as this on limited resources, we could only imagine what they can do with more. The game isn’t long, only lasting about 35 minutes.


Dragon Sin is centred around killing dragons with a little bit of story added in. You play as Greer, the offspring of the Dragon Lord. Sure the graphics aren’t GTA 5 level, but what are you really asking for from a group of college kids with limited time and money.

There’s one thing that I forgot to mention: Dragon Sin is 100% free to play. Use creative, well-thought combat mechanics and a massive sword to slice and dice your draconian enemies right now at no cost. Pick it up on Steam in the link below.

Dragon Sin on Steam: http://store.steampowered.com/app/534220/Dragons_Sin/

Completely Custom Zelda Game – A Link to the Past Randomizer

After mostly disregarding what happened in the first two games, Link awakens to his uncle leaving his house. He just runs out the door, into the rainy night. Ganon has moved all items around Hyrule. You have to find all the items necessary to beat Ganon. This is your chance to be a hero. This is A Link to the Past Randomizer.

Earlier this year, a small group of programmers managed to make a program to randomize A Link to the Past. In a short time, it grew exceptionally, and the runners of this game, together with the viewers can’t be compared to other speedruns. With the ability to even change the player sprite into something else, and lower or remove the hearth beeping, runners jumped on this game.

ALTTP Randomizer Logo

The original game itself is one of the Nintendo classics that a lot of people played in the past. The addition of this randomizer gave a big boost in the replay value and makes the game unique every time you generate a ROM. This is what makes running, or watching the game an interesting experience. Nobody knows what you get when you open that chests. Will it be the gloves, the hammer, or just the single rupee? Even the pendants and crystals are shuffled among themselves, so the first dungeon Eastern Palace in the original game can here be a crystal instead of the green pendant. And if you try entrance shuffle, even the dungeons and caves can be at different locations than you are used to.

Since the items are randomized, there has to be a way to make sure the game is still beatable. Else you can end up with the bow behind an enemy who requires a bow to beat it. This is where logic comes into play. The most commonly used logic is the No Glitches. This logic requires no knowledge about the game and will prevent you from getting stuck anywhere. Of course, this also makes it so that you don’t have to do dark rooms without a torch. As the name says, no glitches are required, but you can use minor glitches still in progress. This is known as a sequence break. Sequence breaks can allow you to skip certain parts or items, but can also sidetrack you. Going into a dark room without a torch is known as doing a sequence break as well. It is never required to do a dark room without a torch. Experienced runners can do this, but if you are just starting out, try to avoid it.

World Map Overworld

Pendants are shuffled with crystals.

Because of the logic of a randomizer, you don’t always have to fully clear a pendant dungeon. The pedestal, where you normally get the master sword, can have any item of the item pool. This can also be rupees. With the items randomized, you can get the items required to access the dark world early in the game. Requirements to get into the dark world are the Moon Pearl, and Either Titans Mitts or Gloves and Hammer. Or if you are unlucky, a torch, Master Sword or Cape and a sword so you can beat Agahnim1.

In the randomizer, there are three modes, known as Standard, Open and Swordless. Standard mode is the closest to the original game. You start in Link bed and see your uncle leave the house. As you make your way to the castle and your uncle, you will get the sword. Because the first chests do not need to have a torch, there are several changes made in this. You will be given a free lightcone during the escape only. This makes the game easier for those who are just starting out, as you will have a guaranteed sword. The second mode is Open mode. Here Zelda has been rescued already and you can start at the Sanctuary or Link’s house. You do not get a guaranteed sword, and might be weaponless for a long time.

And then there is Swordless mode. Imagine a sword without swords. For this, you need the alternative weapon known as the hammer. The hammer has a shorter range and a longer delay after using it, making you more vulnerable to enemies. Because Ganon can only be damaged with a sword, and some items only accessed with a sword, there have been made changes so that a hammer can be used instead. And unlike in the other two modes, Silver arrows are available in all difficulties.

Random Item Sanctuary.PNG

The item you gain is randomized each time you generate a seed.

Besides, the modes are the Variations. These offer new ways to play this game. The Timed Race variation has a timer counting up. There are 20 green clocks that subtract 4 minutes from the timer, 10 blue clocks that subtract 2 minutes of the timer and 10 red clocks that add 2 minutes to the timer. When racing this mode, the one who has the best time wins the game, regardless of who beats Ganon first.

OHKO (One Hit Knock Out) mode makes it so that you can’t take a hit. If you do, you die. It is this variation that altered the logic for some items, as all items should be accessible without having to take damage. There is also a timed OHKO mode, where the OHKO mode starts after the timer reaches 0. Depending on the difficulty, you have more or less time. Here you also can find clocks, which adds time to the timer. Red Clocks, however, sets your timer to 0. This only exists in Expert mode. If you find another clock after the timer reached 0, leave the OHKO mode till the timer reaches 0 again.

Blue Mail Upgrade

A blue mail on the ledge.

Triforce Hunt is a nod to the original Zelda game, where you had to find the triforce pieces. Here, instead of 8, you need to find more pieces, depending on the difficulty. Also, the difficulty decides how many pieces can be found. The only way to win this game is by collecting the required amount triforce pieces, not even beating Ganon beats the game.

Key-Sanity is the newest variation. All dungeon items are shuffled into the item pool as well, this includes all small keys for a dungeon. Keys found on enemies or under pots will stay there like in any other randomizer. In this mode, it is worth collecting maps and compasses. The overworld map no longer shows any dungeon information unless you collect that dungeon’s map. Compasses show how many chests you have checked in a dungeon after collecting it. It is important to know that in this mode, the dungeon music is randomized as well, so you can’t hear if it is a pendant or crystal dungeon by the music.

Item Menu

All crystals have been gained.

If you became interested in try this out, you are recommended to join their discord first. There are a lot of helpful people in the community who will teach you the basics. And most runners use trackers to keep a track of there items. The recommended one for beginners is Crossproduct’s tracker, which you can find on his twitch channel. You can watch several streams, tournaments and play it to get familiar with the game. Don’t get discouraged if you can’t beat a seed the first few times. It is not that easy to beat this game when first starting out, but you will get a feel for the logic, and slowly learn all item locations. Eventually, you will finish a seed, and this can take a long time for the first finished seed. For me myself, I could not finish the first 3 seeds, the 4th seed ended due to a crash. The fifth one I tried gave me a time of 4 hours. Now, if you want to run it, or want to know more, visit their official site: http://vt.alttp.run/randomizer. It has all information you need to get started.

Team8 Studios Releases: Genetic Disaster On Steam

Team8 Studios has released Genetic Disaster on Steam for $19.99. Shown as a co-op action game, Genetic Disaster offers co-op, supporting up to four people, an abundance of weapons, hand-painted scenery and generated levels so the fun never ends. The levels change based on the number of people playing, ensuring variety and originality. The vibrant, multicolored game is played from an overhead perspective of four characters: Bunker, Sneaky, Devil, and Panic. The players traverse the ever-changing mansion and destroy the swarm of enemies awaiting them. You can even upgrade your character to fit your own playstyle or fill for your team composition.


Genetic Disaster is filled with flashy graphics that are guaranteed to draw you in. The modern retro-esc environment gives the feeling of an arcade game, bringing you back to the times of simple yet hilariously fun games. The background and characters are all hand painted emphasizing the detail the team put into the game.

Another aspect of Genetic Disaster that sounds exciting is the friendly fire. If you’ve seen the trailer you can tell that the situation will get hectic very quickly, prompting you to shoot at whatever you see. However be careful as your enemies might not be the only one receiving the bad end of the stick. Based on these circumstances, the playstyle of the game would focus on more strategy than just shoot and run.

GeneticDisaster-Screen-7.pngTeam8 Studios is a video game studio that specializes in co-op games. They’ve always imagined creating a game where the co-op actually matters, when the goal is only achieved using both of the player’s strengths. This ensures Genetic Disaster has a genuine co-op feeling with everyone being able to contribute to the victory at the end. Download Genetic Disaster to play with your friends and you’ll have a game you can rely on for a long time.

Check out the game:  http://store.steampowered.com/app/672460/Genetic_Disaster/
Team8 Studio’s Website: http://team8studio.com/index.php/en/

Dragon of Legends Now Live on Steam Early Access

Dragon of Legends is now live and available for purchase on the Steam store. Although in early access, the game offers exciting combat and a diverse RPG story based in the 2D world of Manheimr.

With a sublime, custom soundtrack, face ferocious monsters and unravel the mysteries of Ragnarok. This wonderfully produced pixel art game allows the player to pick and customize an assortment of unique medieval characters, such as wizards and warriors, and take to battle. Explore a packed world fighting larger-than-life creatures in an effort to send Loki’s Horde back to hell.


An aspect that looks especially fun are the boss fights. Face massive ogres, orcs, and as the name suggests, dragons with pleasingly creative pixel designs. Normal monster sprite designs are also fantastic. The artists behind Dragon of Legends definitely made great use of the limited amount of pixels available. Overall, the minimalistic design works perfectly, even for such a complex game.


Although the early access version of the game offers a plethora of features, Thrive Games intends to expand, adding features like multiplayer functionality and new classes. The game also intends to expand to the mobile gaming world, allowing cross-platform ability between Android and iOS devices.

Make sure to pick up a copy of the exciting new tale of Dragon of Legends.

Dragon of Legends on steam: http://store.steampowered.com/app/590580/Dragon_of_Legends/

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