Free H1Z1 For a Week – King of the Kill Comeback?

H1Z1, the game that practically launched the battle royale genre, is remaking an appearance on the steam store. With its original price at $19.99, you can find the game at a bargain at $4.99 up until January 4th, or for free during the remaining week.


PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) is currently the most familiar game in the battle royale genre, but H1Z1 is where it all started and has its fair share of differences. Compared to the current large battle arena norms, H1Z1 may either seem refreshing or backwards. For one, its fast-paced as everyone rushes to A: find weapons and materials to survive (a standard plan for battle royale games) and B: locate a car to use for the entirety of the game.

Vehicles are unimaginably important. Unlike PUBG, you don’t take damage while exiting a moving vehicle, regardless of speed. That means ambushes aren’t as stealth-based and groups are able to instantly get to where they want for team fights. They’re also very important for traversing the map quickly as toxic gas approaches slightly faster from the corners of the map and guns are harder to find. Think of H1Z1 as an arcade version of PUBG, faster and with more sporadic gameplay.

Before PUBG and Fornite took over the market, I was a hardcore H1Z1 player. I was a very early purchaser, back when you could get both King of the Kill and Just Survive under the same game. Now, Just Survive dropped the “H1Z1” and is in early access by Daybreak on steam. My favorite part of the game has always been the battle royale, and I’m sure everyone could enjoy the gameplay.


H1Z1 could be considered the roots of the battle royale genre. Although the graphics aren’t as appealing as some other games out there (ie. Fortnite, PUBG, etc…), it might suit your playstyle better. Since it is free for the remainder of this week (6 more days) on steam, you might as well try it out for a few matches. Who knows, you might be the new rank #1 player!

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Gang Beasts Out Now on the PlayStation Store

Boneloaf’s award-winning multiplayer beat ‘em up, Gang Beasts, thrashes its way onto the PlayStation Store today. The widely acclaimed game known for hilarious combat and ground-rolling laughter finally makes its way to the console world after over three years in early access.


Fight your friends, hurling gelatinous punches with the goal of knocking them off the map (or grinding them to a pulp). The ragdoll-like physics allow you to pick up, hurl, and knock out your enemies. Wacky maps aid your brawlers in sending your enemies to their doom.


Incapacitate enemies and hurl them into meat grinders or chuck them off the edge. Throw them in front of a train, knock them off suspended scaffolding, or let them fly off the top of a truck. Gang Beasts offers endless fun ways to beat your friends to blobby pulps! Quench your murderous side through this awesome minimalistic game!

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Alto’s Adventure – The Perfect Harmony of Winter, Snowboarding, and Music on the Go

On its cover, Alto’s adventure is just a simple snowboarding game, but after enjoying it, you realise there’s more than meets the eye. When you boot up Alto’s adventure for the first time, you are greeted by a beautiful mountaintop and are thrown right into the game. The gameplay is basic, yet engaging.


Outstanding visuals in minimalist format

The core structure of the game is snowboarding down a vast, serene mountain. You collect points by hi-fiving llamas (Yes, we said llamas), and collecting coins. By tapping the screen for various amounts of time, you can jump and execute flips, also collecting points that add to your overall score at your run’s end. With coins you can purchase a multitude of one-time use items such as revives, allowing you can continue your game after hitting an obstacle. Next to the transitory items, you can find the permanent upgrades. You can use your coins to buy power-ups that can be found while snowboarding. Those powerups, such as coin magnets, can be upgraded to last longer and appear more often. Although the game has only a few key obstacles to watch out for, when you do encounter them, you must take heed.

At one point of the game, you are being chased by “The Elder”, an enemy that snowboarding behind you. You must avoid him in order to progress. Other than that, the only other obstructions to watch out for are the rocks and your own self-error.


Due to the simple, yet soothing gameplay, I wasn’t able to sustain gameplay for over a long period of time, but the aspects that keep me reminiscing are the stunning graphics visuals and soothing music. The game has a unique art style rarely found in the app store. Alto’s Adventure also includes time cycles, switching between day and night, complementing the snowy environment in amazing ways. Blending with the visuals perfectly is the soothing soundtrack. It keeps you calm and practically pacifies your heart rate.


Alto’s adventure is still just a simple snowboarding game with simple mechanics and gameplay. It’s the charming visuals and beautiful music make the app greatly stand out from its peers. You can pick up this game on your respective app store for $4.99, which is a bargain for this caliber of game.

Enomview Score: 9 out of 10

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Dungeon Rustlers – The Revival of Old-School Dungeon Crawlers

Remember the pleasure of the old-school 8-bit games you would attempt to master at the arcade after school. The enjoyment, yet simplicity, of slaying the visible pixels that stand before you. Dungeon Rustlers brings that nostalgia out of the arcade and into our homes. Choose between a Knight, Archer, or Mage to take on 50 levels, and the 7 unique and challenging enemies of this retro epic of a dungeon crawler. Dungeon Rustlers challenges worthy players to hack-and-slash through waves upon waves of tenacious enemies. Although you can only begin your anticipated adventure on PC, it does offer full controller compatibility for those console players who are willing to attempt the vigorous task of reaching the 50th level.


I felt a strong attachment to this game the second I began my adventure in level one. As an avid player in games like Realm of the Mad God and Gauntlet,  I feel as if much of the world is missing out on these old-school adventure games. It’s not hard to see that the retro-90’s genre is fading away, and with new generations being exposed to the higher class games of today, pixelated dungeon crawlers could be pushed toward extinction. Luckily, companies like Zimventures brought us Dungeon Rustlers.


Before you begin the climb to victory, you must first choose one of three classes. The bold and ruthless knight can unsheathe her mighty sword to make her enemies cower in the face of death. As you progress through the levels your sword acquires the ability to shoot arrows from its blade, causing the slaughter of annoying slimes to be much more satisfying. If you ever find yourself on the brink of death, do not be afraid to activate your force field and flea the scene to regain health.

Screenshot (314).png

The archer, my personal favorite, weaves her frost arrows from her quiver, leaving her enemies frozen and slowed. While the archer is given less health than the knight, she is more than capable of conducting an equal amount of destruction. The Archer’s class ability allows you to heave frozen walls in both the front and back of your player, causing enemies to be halted and slowed where they stand. With her frozen bow in hand, no enemy would dare step in your path.

Screenshot (313).png

The final warrior would be the fire conjuring Mage. Spitting fireballs out of each hand, the Mage can melt any enemy it may come across. If ever in a crisis, the Mage can activate his special ability and summon a ring of fire around him, damaging enemies and keeping them away. While the mage can easily shred through the skeletons roaming in the dungeons, you only need to be hit twice in order to die.

All three classes are capable of upgrading their basic attacks and summoning floating helpers to aid in the adventure. Upgrading basic attacks will increase both the effectiveness of each hit and the number of shots being volleyed out of your weapon. The purchasable helpers will stand by your side and synchronize their attacks with yours, causing two more bullets to be added alongside your barrage of attacks. All of these upgrades can be purchased with gold found within in each level.


Dungeon Rustlers eases players into the game by providing appropriate increasing increments of difficulty, making each level seem accommodating, but no walk in the park. Around level ten, I did feel as if the upgrades for basic attacks made each level executable with ease. Similar to training in Call of Duty: Zombies, I would find myself dragging enemies behind me, eventually turning around and unleashing the power of my triple shot weapon. All of the enemies would perish, and I would repeat the cycle like clockwork. While many levels seemed like they should have been more difficult, I did find myself on the edge of my seat for a select few. Once you die, you are not brought to the title screen to replay the game right away. Instead, you respawn where you last were, but are missing all of the valuable upgrades and power-ups needed to withstand the forces of the current level. This shouldn’t pose as much of a problem during the early levels, but dying around level 30+ could be fatal. You begin with three lives and once all have dispersed, your journey is over. You can then attempt to climb the levels with a new character or beat your best times on the previous character.

Zimventures based Dungeon Rustlers on racing through levels and clearing them fast. They encourage players to repeat the game to shatter their previous times. After each level, you can view your best time, and where you stand on the compared to other players. I could imagine the replay potential, as well as the appeal to speedrunners in taking on Dungeon Rustlers and smashing the leaderboards.


The music choice for this game was amazing and fitted the tone to appeal towards old-school players. The mix of an epic dungeon crawler and retro-electro style tunes and beats, made me taste the sweetened luxury of being in a 90’s arcade. I did stumble upon a few glitches that left me dead for no reason, but I do understand that the game is still in early access and is not yet fully patched. I do wish Dungeon Rustlers offered more playable characters and diverse combat styles between them. Dungeon Rustlers’ 50 levels can be purchased for $3.99 on the steam marketplace today.

Enomview Score: 7.2 out of 10

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Flightless – A Free Game that Somehow had me Questioning Life

Life is hard. No one ever said it wasn’t. The doctor who delivered us didn’t offer us any legal form stating that we’ll get it easy. Sure, some people roll the dice and are born into the upper echelons of humanity, living without a care in the world. Even if we’re lucky enough to lead such an easy life, we’re linked to the strings of our morality. I can honestly say Flightless offered me an escape from those harsh realities. For 20 minutes of my existence, I was a body without a care in the world. My only purpose? Get from red square to red square.

Flightless offers impeccable quality, impactful design, and a profoundly soothing music choice all in a game smaller than 50 megabytes. On top of all that, I think the greatest service the game provides is being free, offering an independent place to seek refuge in such a complicated world. The basic, yet moving designs perfectly line up with the peaceful aesthetic. Personally, minimalistic and pixel-based games are my favorite, Flightless not being an exception.


I will honestly say that the 20 minutes that I spent playing the game felt more like a pleasurable break rather than researching a game for this site. It washed away the doubts and insecurities I feel about putting so much effort behind a website that might not even break through the mold. 

Besides the thought-provoking aspects (that probably didn’t even mean to provoke thought) of the game, the root constructs of the game weren’t all too original. In a way, you could compare the core concept of the game to Super Hot, in that the world and all it’s obstacles only move when you do. This causes you to predict and plan for the future that waits for you. 


Puzzles included classics like the ice beneath you shattering and a slippery floor that stops when you hit an object, walkable ground, or when you plainfall off the map. There were some obstacles I haven’t seen before such as moving spike balls that require prediction to evade. Retractable spikes that change with every step were also present. One more aspect that I enjoyed with the actual mechanics were having to back travel once or twice to get to the next level. It made the game feel whole to me, like a world with more than one set path.

With the game sadly lasting a mere 20 minutes, I can’t offer much more of an in-depth analysis. Of course, we hope that the game is extended and look forward to any and all work that Bristol Street Studios release.

Enomview Score: 9 out of 10

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Dragon’s Watch RPG – A Fresh Take on RPG App Combat

Forget repetitive clicking, limited characters, and no player versus player (PVP) support, The Secret Police’s new RPG mobile game, Dragon’s Watch RPG, cures all of those gaming insufficiencies.


When I first started playing Dragon’s Watch not too long ago I didn’t see what made this game so special. Right from the beginning, I thought everything was pretty standard: Pick a strong/rare character out of a few to be your “starter”, assemble a starting, weak team, and hop into a tutorial stage. What I didn’t see coming was the new intuitive way of clearing levels of enemies.

The stages of enemies you fight, or waves, consist than more of clicking randomly. Dragon’s Watch demands a more strategic approach to combat. Instead of entering a dungeon with 3 or 4 characters standing side by side, taking turns mauling enemies, a revolving team controller is utilized. By shifting the Revolver left and right, the six heroes you have gathered on your team move spots from active to inactive roles.

This might seem like any other easy way of switching out characters in a fight, but it’s much more tactical. Want to allow your hero to regain some much needed HP? Have another character who would match up better against the enemy? Want to activate your charged super? Need someone to tank the next attack? Just move your thumb up and down and your three active heroes can be switched up in any number of ways.

Many of the Mobile-RPG apps out there don’t leave you with much to look forward to when it comes to story. The Secret Police spared no effort in drafting a story that lends a platform to the game while expertly maintaining a theme of a hero’s journey. The tale of dragon’s ascending to heaven, leaving a new generation of overseers could come straight out of a Disney fantasy.

Along with this story comes the increasingly hard areas you aspire to clear. At the end of a long, well-fought level you encounter bosses that can only be described by one word: Epic. These titans are made with brilliant vision and look perfect. Even without the design in mind, bosses switch up the battlefield, making you rethink your plan entirely. For instance, the boss encountered during the first level began attacking multiple heroes at once. This made me throw out my rotating attack method and focus on a more attack heave stance, risking my team to destroy it before it, me.


Something that did take me by surprise was the graphics quality of the game, at least during the beginning of the epic story. The individuality expressed within each character through their design truly premeditated the vast range of protagonists to choose from. Sadly, the design of the starter team and early enemy left much to be desired. Except for your main character, chosen right at the commencement of the game, sprites were simplistic and methodical. Without many indications of future possibilities for your hero collection within the game, motivation might be an issue in continuing the adventure. Dragon’s Watch also opted for an older, two-dimensional core for their design. Although notable for the immaculate detail present, three-dimensional games are both coming up in the Mobile-RPG genre and more visually appealing. Take, for instance, the RPG Dungeon Boss.


One last aspect of which we took a serious interest in Dragon’s Watch RPG is the available PVP. Unlike nearly every other RPG on the app store (or Google Play store), Dragon’s Watch allows live one on one PVP in the Arena. This takes a turn from the normal, non-live combat we’ve come to expect. Instead of facing your opponents team in the form of uncalculating NPCs, you’re matched with another live player looking to test his strategy and skill. Something that I did note however is that I was matched against a player who was had enjoyed the game much longer and had the higher levels to prove it. Of course, that’s to be expected in the early launch of any game.
All-in-all, Dragon’s Watch RPG is an exciting new twist on the current Mobile-RPG genre. An in-depth story, freshly renovated combative controls, and live player versus player abilities all make this an appealing game to pick up for free on your phone.

Enomview Score: 7.5 out of 10

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