Upcoming Indie Games on Steam

With triple-A titles dominating the market, it’s easy to forget those creative self-startup devs, sealed in their basements with starry eyes and brimming bouts of hope, ready to entertain the online world with innovative design, art, and stories. Here are three games that the folks at Enomview feel you should keep a careful eye on in the near future.



Playing as a minute little fox, players will find a world with creepy ruins, ancient monsters, and a harrowing, but cute, environment to traipse around in. With modern graphics, sound design, and animation, Tunic plays a lot like a revamped version of just the franchise that Shouldice was inspired by…

…and that–my friends–is a very, very good thing.

We Happy Few



Combining a cheery, but fittingly unsettling, cartoony art style with story, We Happy Few is a survival horror game developed by Compulsion Games. Initially set to release on July 26th, 2016, We Happy Few has been in early access for some time now, but the neverending dev cycle should come to close soon in 2018.

Under the influence of corrupt, government overseers, the game tells the story of a small, British society that’s been under the influence of decades-long propaganda, informing its citizens to always remain under the influence of the elusive, pink drug: “joy”. Joy can be found not only in the form of a daily pill, but in the food, the water, and just about everything that a person can consume in this messed up little realm.

Told through the perspective of three different characters that decide to stop taking the drug and rebel–giving us the chance to see the effects of science run amok in the scope of fully open world to explore.

Best of luck–and remember–don’t forget to take your joy.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance



Skyrim with realism and so much more–Kingdom Come: Deliverance lives up to its name as the holy salvation to fans of medieval games everywhere. Brought to us by the Czechian Warhorse Studios, we’re set to see this title release in early February of this year.

With a first-person, 16 square kilometer-wide open world, Kingdom Come: Deliverance comes packed with a myriad of things for the player to engross himself in. Craft items, level skills, make weighted decisions to complete quests, combine alchemical ingredients to make something new, ride horses, take part in large-scale, 15th-century battles, and kick back to a story that’ll be sung in beer halls and taverns all over Europe for time immemorial.

Answer the knight’s call. Give thy sword for land and lord.

(This game was also mentioned in our Top 10 Indie Games to Look Out for in 2018)

Top 10 Indie Games to Look Out for in 2018

Another year alive on this Earth equates to nothing but another year of gooey, gaming goodness. 2017 brought us Dead Cells, Getting Over It, Oxygen Not Included, Cuphead–too much succulent indie epicness to cram into a single paragraph in some internet article. But with the new year comes a new batch o’ games, and the creatives of the indie world just will not quit. Here are 10 upcoming titles to keep a careful watch for in 2018.


10. Light Fall

A fast-paced platformer with an even faster, zippity player character–Light Fall is a game that’ll have you jumping, bouncing across walls, activating cool, space-themed objects, and dodging obstacles to progress.

Already gathering praise and critical acclaim from several other indie articles and groups, Light Fall and its intergalactic art style is a surefire bet for games that’ll impress in the following year.


9. Below

A myriad of intricate sound design and a dark atmosphere, Below is set to be one of the indie gaming world’s many artistic masterpieces.

With RPG-inspired mechanics, each progressive level sees the main character exploring underground environs and combating colorful foes as he moves down, down, and down ever deeper–trying ever so hard to show the player what lies at the lowest recesses of the screen.

8. Death’s Gambit

“Dark Souls in 2D.” That’s the description most people will use to describe it… and they’re far from being wrong. Adult Swim is back at it again, and they certainly don’t intend to disappoint.

A dark fantasy setting, hulking foes that stand twice, sometimes triple your height, a brutal challenge that’ll send the casuals into a fit of ragequitting, and the devoted into a satisfactory light of glory–Death’s Gambit will not be a game to miss come next year.

7. Fight Knight

Of all the games on this list, this one’s sure to pack a punch. Several, in fact. Playing in the first person–and hearkening back to the days of The Elder Scrolls: ArenaFight Knight is a game that’d make Rocky proud.

A dungeon crawler at its heart, this game humorously has the player activating every NPC and killing every monster with fists and fists alone. Abandon your spells. Your swords. Your bows. Embrace the only weapon man was ever meant to wield.

6. The Last Night

Never before have we seen a title embrace the words “dynamic” and “cinematic” quite like The Last Night does. Set to the backdrop of a cyberpunk world, The Last Night is technically a platformer, but that doesn’t really describe the experience so well.

With a camera that floats and hovers just about as frequently as the characters’ expressive animations change, The Last Night was cited as one of the best looking games at E3 by far.

5. Fe

Glide through the air, climb up trees, dig your way across, or simply frolic through the dark, crystalline Nordic forest that’s brought to the table in Fe.

With a focus on its ecosystem, Fe is a strictly 3D game that presents us with a life-like world filled with soul. Discover that ecosystems many secrets, solve its side quests, and make contact with brilliant, mystical creatures–playing as one such being of your own.

4. Ashen

Are you one who craves expansive, open worlds? Is your childhood filled with memories of exemplifications of freedom like The Elder ScrollsFallout, Grand Theft Auto, and Minecraft? Look no further, for Ashen has just the cure to soothe your weary bones, traveler.

With stamina-based combat, a drop in, drop out multiplayer mechanic, and a world that doesn’t bind you down with its chains, Ashen is a roleplay-friendly title that’s just begging for you to get immersed.

3. Ori and the Will of the Wisps

A game that looks so good, it’s literally too hard to believe at times, Ori and the Will of the Wisps is a popular sequel to the critically-acclaimed Ori and the Blind Forest.

A metroidvania action platformer, this game doesn’t just stun you, it dazzles you with its ever-changing atmosphere, creative foes, and visual storytelling-based narrative. Backed by Microsoft, Ori and the Will of the Wisps is sure to be an interesting title indeed.

2. Praey for the Gods

Enjoyed battling the pantagruelian titans we saw in Shadow of the Colossus? If so, Praey for the Gods is just the game to look out for in 2018. As a member of a winter-y, wasting world, your job is to journey through this snowbound realm and uncover just what lies at the source of its slow, inevitable death.

A survival-based action-adventure game, you start with nothing but the clothes on your back. A lone wanderer in this dangerous abyss, your only hope of staying alive is to smite the very deities that you worship.

1. Kingdom Come: Deliverance

To all those who cried for a realism-based, historically-accurate, story-driven, medieval RPG, cry no more–for Kingdom Come: Deliverance is here to answer the call!

Cemented within the once real-world setting of the feudalism-based Holy Roman Empire, Kingdom Come: Deliverance has had medieval martial artists and historians alike drooling with its effective portrayal of life in these olden days. Gone are magic and spells; this is an age of smiths and swords!

Stay tuned as we tackle these games and many more! Check out our top 10 picks for best indie games in 2017!