Graveyard Keeper – Three tips for Beginners

Graveyard Keeper has been an exciting experience so far. I was drawn in by its gorgeous pixel art aesthetic and the promise of managing my cemetery, but like any wary gamer, I didn’t let myself get buoyed by the hype. Fortunately, the game has proved to be a pleasant surprise. I enjoy management sims, even more so if it has a medieval setting, and I think Graveyard Keeper has done an excellent job in making the occupation more fun than it sounds.

To start with, although your primary objective is to keep the graveyard spiffy and well maintained, while you harvest meat from fresh cadavers on the side, there is a lot more to be done as you progress. With each NPC introduced, you get saddled with more tasks. I’d admit that it gets tiring. Keeping track of quests, trying to recall where and when you can find NPCs or objects, can turn ugly quickly, especially when you’re still learning the ropes and figuring things out.

After fumbling in the dark in the beginning hours of my playthrough, I wish some things in the game were made more apparent from the start. Here are things I wish I knew before I started playing:

1. Sleeping saves the game

It’s embarrassing, but I once played for twenty minutes and exited thinking that the game would autosave. Luckily, I’d only just started, so I didn’t lose much progress. It pained me to earn back my lost momentum, but I’m thankful I learned the lesson sooner rather than later. Some gamers might scoff and think it’s stupid not to know from the get-go. In my defense, the only reason I shut off the game without bothering to check was because I had a piping hot pizza waiting in the living room.

Stardew Valley employs a similar save system, but in Graveyard Keeper, you have the ability to save anytime you’d like. It makes your in-game daily schedule flexible and less stressful. This is a definite positive; there might be moments where something essential crops up and you won’t have the luxury of waiting for the day to end before you can save. If you run out of energy, remember that jumping into bed for a quick nap is an option.

2. Where to find important resources

If you’re the type who likes to explore and don’t mind spending time looking for items or objects, you can skip this tip. The map isn’t exceptionally large, but it can be a hassle if you want something before the day goes dark. There are also some items that can’t be found, only made.

  • The swamp area behind your house contains iron deposits and slimes
  • Check your skill tree to unlock techniques to craft nails, iron parts, wood planks, etc.
  • Seeds can be bought from the farmer at the bottom of the wheat field
  • Buy seeds in fours. You can only plant them in fours.
  • Apples can be found near the Lighthouse

I played for two hours without realizing I could find iron behind my house. Don’t be me.

3. The ‘Known NPCs’ menu 

I’ve seen several user reviews on Steam saying they wished the game had a quest log. There isn’t a dedicated quest log, which is a little unfortunate. However, the quests you get can be viewed in the Known NPCs menu option, under their respective NPCs.

In addition, the days on which certain NPCs will appear can be found just on top of their character. It’s hard to notice it when you’re continually flipping through menus since they’re pretty tiny.

Overall, I hope these are helpful to anyone who’s just started the game. The learning curve is steep, but it gets a lot more fun once you get into the swing of things. If you’re thinking of getting the game, check out Justin’s review of it here!

The Light of Our World – OneShot

You awake in a strange bed, the doors are locked and you have no idea where you are. Your only escape is solving puzzles and unlocking the door to adventure. Once you leave your house, you’ll be thrown into a world of puzzle solving, storytelling, and most important of all, talking robots. In OneShot you journey as a “God” speaking to a character named Niko. Your goal is to get Niko to the top of a tower and rebirth the sun to bring light to the planet once more. The game is a story-driven puzzle game that requires you to complete multiple tasks while combining items in order to solve puzzles.

The game overall is pretty simple. The controls are easy to understand right away since it’s just the arrow keys and then a few buttons for operating your menu. The game gives you hints if you are stuck, but sometimes the hints aren’t exactly what you want. For example, in the first room, you get a message saying “it’s too dark in here” so you need to stand by the window to get more light.

The game is recommended to be played in a windowed format, but I personally would recommend playing it in full-screen, there are a few mechanics that take place that I feel are better experienced in full-screen mode. On the other hand, there are a few instances in the game where windowed may be needed (hint, hint). I would also recommend playing it with headphones, as the background music in the game sets the mood for the specific part you are at.

The game is a nice, deep puzzle game that really makes you have to think right from the start. It brings you in and makes it seem like you can’t leave until the job is done. It pulls you in right from the start and doesn’t want to let you go. But the game itself is intriguing enough to make you not want to leave either.

The graphics are a  beautiful pixelated look, but it plays it off well. You can tell that the creators wanted you to focus more on the story than the graphics. But they still could have used a little touching up, the area seems somewhat bland, even for the dark world they live in. Besides for the actual atmosphere, cute little-pixelated characters show up with text. For example, if Niko feels happy, you’ll see an adorable, happy Niko in the corner. For me, it really helped to connect with Niko. Especially since it allowed me to connect with him more, which is important in the game.

In my opinion, the game is amazing. It gives you a story that is well-driven, but also allows you to free-roam and discover things on your own. It could use a more direct approach to some of the puzzles given, but then I feel the game would be a bit too easy to complete. As for the rest of the game, there isn’t really much else I would, or feel should, be changed.

If you feel like picking this game up you need only understand one thing. You only have OneShot.

Pick up this fantastic game here:

Rain Bullets Upon Bullets – Enter the Gungeon Review

What happens when you enter the Gungeon? Do you think you’re ready for what goes on in the Gungeon? Well, you’re wrong! You’re not there to survive, you’re there to conquer! You’re there to kick in the door and throw down! Set your lasers to kill, rain your bullets, and start shooting those bullets that shoot guns! And…wait, what?

Yes, that’s right, after you very quickly enter the Gungeon, you are transported to a world that is solely based around armaments and firearms. The vast majority of your opponents are bullets, shotgun shells and grenades of some assortment. The gameplay is so high octane, if you’re not getting your pulse going, you better do it fast! The game is so fast paced you have no choice but to dunk your head in the deep end and start shooting it up!

The rules and controls are simple and explained to you using a very quick and easy tutorial. In fact, the tutorial is fun and innovative. The humor the game uses is not exactly subtle, but then, neither is the game. It throws you for a loop and starts shooting pretty damn quick. The controls are intuitive and easy to manage, so long as you keep shooting and dodge rolling.

Enter the Gungeon Review

The guns you pick up is half the fun! Seriously, I was not kidding when I said that there is a bullet that shoots guns. There’s a meat gun that shoots blades, there’s even an AK-47! Well, I guess that last one isn’t exactly new, but still! You are given all that you need in the beginning to win this game, so long as you use it right. You will be put through bullet hells, explosions, destruction of all kinds, and come out feeling more awesome because of it. You get better at the game because you want to get better at the game, you want to explore the tunnels of the Gungeon and find out what other guns you can shoot, and what other weird hostiles you will encounter.

As soon as you think you’ve seen it all, BOOM! There’s so much more to see! More bullets, more bombs, more explosives flying all over the place and you’ll even see a bird with a Gatling gun! Don’t try to understand it! Don’t think too hard! Logic has no place here! The time you take trying to think is time you should be firing that weapon into your enemy’s face! Every level has its own quirks that you can have a nice chortle at. Not only is it enjoyable from a gamer’s point of view but anyone watching you play can have fun too.

The wild running and gunning gameplay is so charming that you won’t even worry about the graphics, which are more of a new age 16-bit style. If anyone is concerned about the graphics then you are missing the point entirely! The art style and environments are so well placed and atmospheric that they do not distract you. Though, that is also a downfall for you, the player. As the background also has pitfalls and water that you either need to jump over or teleport over. If not then you fall down them and lose a life, oh well, this stuff happens.


You have several classes to choose from in the beginning, and half the fun is trying to find one that suits your type of gameplay that you enjoy. Try them all, or try one if it suits your needs, it doesn’t matter. All these classes do is promote replayability, and that is important when you look at purchasing a game. Each one of them has their own perks, pros, and cons that you can use to your advantage.


Image result for g2a

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If you haven’t noticed, this game is awesome on pretty much all levels. It controls well, it’s colorful, it’s high intensity, it’s challenging, funny, and just all around a great time. It involves guns and explosions but it is not gory or overly violent. Anyone can play it. So wait, since you’re still reading this review, that probably means you haven’t bought this game yet. What are you waiting for? If you haven’t gotten this game you are missing out on a pulverizing piece of powerful punch that you don’t want to pass up! In fact, you’ll need to start practicing your ambidexterity right now, so open a new tab, and get on steam while still reading this review in a different window! Get the game! Get the collector’s edition! It doesn’t matter! Get it and drench yourself in piles of gunpowder and death!

EnomView Score: 10 out of 10

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Dragon of Legends Now Live on Steam Early Access

Dragon of Legends is now live and available for purchase on the Steam store. Although in early access, the game offers exciting combat and a diverse RPG story based in the 2D world of Manheimr.

With a sublime, custom soundtrack, face ferocious monsters and unravel the mysteries of Ragnarok. This wonderfully produced pixel art game allows the player to pick and customize an assortment of unique medieval characters, such as wizards and warriors, and take to battle. Explore a packed world fighting larger-than-life creatures in an effort to send Loki’s Horde back to hell.


An aspect that looks especially fun are the boss fights. Face massive ogres, orcs, and as the name suggests, dragons with pleasingly creative pixel designs. Normal monster sprite designs are also fantastic. The artists behind Dragon of Legends definitely made great use of the limited amount of pixels available. Overall, the minimalistic design works perfectly, even for such a complex game.


Although the early access version of the game offers a plethora of features, Thrive Games intends to expand, adding features like multiplayer functionality and new classes. The game also intends to expand to the mobile gaming world, allowing cross-platform ability between Android and iOS devices.

Make sure to pick up a copy of the exciting new tale of Dragon of Legends.

Dragon of Legends on steam:

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